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Welcome to The Gear List, a semi-regular series where we spotlight the best discounts and deals on tactical gear, outdoor equipment, and everything in between.

We love a good deal as much as you do, and seasonal sales like the one Osprey is currently running are a fantastic opportunity to stretch your dollar as far as it can go. Manufacturers need to offload summer gear to make room for the winter line, and they’re willing to slash prices to get it out the door. That means you can get the same high-quality equipment you’ve been eyeing all summer at a deep discount. 

Right now, you can score bargains on backpacking packs for your next big adventure, day packs for the local trails, and everyday gear for life on base or around a college campus as part of the company’s end-of-summer sale. The Kestrel 58 is perfect for rough trails deep into the unknown. The Levity 60 is music to ultralight backpackers’ ears. The Heritage Waist Pack 8 Nano Fly is a rad piece of gear you didn’t even know you needed. When life takes you off base and into the world of business or school, the Arcane has you covered with the same kind of build quality you trust in the wild. If you choose an adjustable pack, use Osprey’s sizing guide to get the perfect fit.

Grab one or more of these packs while these deals last, which means through September 5th. Soon, the winter products will be here and we’ll all have to wait for the next big sale. 

These prices were valid at press time, but prices can change and deals do expire.

Price: was $220.00, now $164.95
Seller: Osprey

The Kestrel was built for trails to the unknown with an emphasis on durability. The pack uses fabric as thick as 630-denier nylon in high-wear areas with 210-denier panels elsewhere to keep the weight manageable. Unlike ultralight packs, this one is intended to carry heavier gear through thick underbrush and get dragged across sand and rocks without missing a beat. Padding and mesh combine to make the suspension system cool and comfortable, although it’s not as advanced as the AntiGravity systems on Osprey’s top-shelf packs. What it does share with more expensive packs are usable features like a sleeping bag compartment, compression straps, trekking pole storage, a built-in rain cover, and a slew of zippered and elastic compartments.

The Kestrel is a solid bargain on its own. It’s built for people who go backpacking in harsh terrain and prioritize durability above all else. With $55 off the standard MSRP, it’s an easy choice for your backcountry adventures.

Price: was $270.00, now $161.50
Seller: Osprey

If just reading about the rough-and-tumble Kestrel made you tired, fear not because Osprey has ultralight options on sale, too. The Levity 60 is one of the more extreme options out there; Osprey goes so far as to classify it as “superultralight.” Much of this pack’s weight savings comes from paper-thin 30-denier nylon. Even the reinforced areas only use 210-denier nylon, which is the thinnest material on the beefy Kestrel. Elsewhere, thin elastic cords replace compression straps, zippers are used sparingly, and compartments are kept to a minimum to reduce the amount of fabric required. It’s certainly not as durable as the majority of packs out there, but it’s pretty tough as far as ultralight setups go and it is backed by Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee.

Remember that all this comes at a cost. The Levity 60 is only meant to carry about 25 pounds, so you’ll need to take gram-counting seriously. If that’s your thing, you can save some money in addition to weight.

Price: was $70.00, now $51.95
Seller: Osprey

What, did you think packs could only be carried on your shoulders? Not so, my friend; fanny packs and waist packs are (apparently) back and better than ever. Laugh all you want, but this is a genuinely convenient way to carry gear on a short hike, organize a more extensive EDC loadout, or prep a minimalist get-home bag. Osprey reached into its company history and revived a few past products with stronger, lighter, more sustainable materials. Wear this waist pack like a war belt to keep a few essentials within reach and out of the way.

If day hikes or endurance running are your jam, let this be the corresponding peanut butter. It’s a great lightweight carry bag and a steal at just $52. Pair it with your hydration system for a perfect speed-hiking setup.

Price: was $110.00, now $81.95
Seller: Osprey

The end of summer brings the beginning of the fall semester. If you’re taking college classes, I strongly encourage (read: beg) you to leave the issued assault pack in your barracks and choose something more appropriate for the civilian world. The Osprey Arcane is a great choice; partially because of the brand’s legendary reputation for quality and partly because it’s on sale and can save you about $30. This 20-liter pack is on the larger side for a day bag, so there’s plenty of room for a 16-inch laptop (in a padded compartment), a warming layer or change of clothes, a water bottle, and the other small belongings you need every day. It isn’t in your face with tactical design cues, but the 500-denier nylon is more than tough enough to take whatever you throw at it.

If you are going back to school or taking a job outside the military, the transition can be expensive. Laptops, textbooks, and a workplace-appropriate wardrobe add up to drain your checking account shockingly quickly. Saving a few bucks on a backpack that will last many years can help with that.