Our Guide To Winning An Online Argument Against An Angry Veteran


You’re not a dumb or bad person for having an opinion. You’re a dumb or bad person for not being able to articulate your opinion in a calm, persuasive, and fact-based manner. This, of course, is something we’ve struggled with as a species since the advent of the comment section. Grossly facile statements, Godwinism, and ad hominem harassment has become commonplace in virtual houses of debate.

Military culture is no exception to this smorgasbord of mayhem. And in a lot of ways, servicemembers and veterans have unique tools to draw from in the matter of cordial and mean-spirited discourse. Rank, MOS, and unit all have the potential to become talking points when reasonable debate goes out the window and straw man tactics creep in. Every single aspect of military culture is susceptible to this behavior, too. All spectrums of politics have fallen victim to it.

Just know that if someone ever attacks you based off what little information they know about you, it means you’re never going to win the argument. It doesn’t mean they’re right, it just means they will drag you down with the power of anonymity and beat you with their own complete lack of self-awareness. But there is good news. They’re at the level of anger they’re at because their voice completely doesn’t matter in real life.

The fact that they’re taking their anger out in the comment section means they will never matter in the real world. People with actual power aren’t getting into tiffs. It’s that simple.

An Oregon Air National Guard F-15C Eagle that made an emergency landing on Wednesday ditched its entire arsenal of live air-to-air missiles before touching down at Portland International Airport, The War Zone reports.

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Several hundred U.S. troops will remain in Syria after allied forces clear ISIS fighters out of their last stronghold in the country, officials said on Friday.

President Donald Trump announced in December that he would withdraw all U.S. troops from Syria, but Sen. Lindsey Graham has since made a strong push to keep a small residual force along the Turkish border along with troops from European allies.

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Chris Osman (Photo: _chris_osman_designs/Instagram)

The former Navy SEAL among a group of eight men arrested earlier this week in Port-au-Prince on weapons charges says he was providing security work "for people who are directly connected to the current President" of Haiti.

"We were being used as pawns in a public fight between him and the current Prime Minister of Haiti," said Chris Osman, 44, in a post on Instagram Friday. "We were not released we were in fact rescued."

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Former Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis (DoD photo)

A Richland, Washington city councilman thinks native son Jim Mattis would make a terrific governor or even president.

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It's a photo for the ages: a Marine NCO, a Greek god in his dress blues, catches the eye of a lovely young woman as her boyfriend urges her on in distress. It's the photographic ancestor of the much-loved "distracted boyfriend" stock photo meme, made even sweeter by the fact that this is clearly a sailor about to lose his girl to a Devil Dog.

Well, this photo and the Marine in it, which hopscotched around Marine Corps Facebook and Instagram pages before skyrocketing to the front page of Reddit on Thursday, are very real.

The photo shows then-Staff Sgt. Louis A. Capozzoli — and he is absolutely not on his way to steal your girl.

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