The One Killer Secret To Feeling Comfortable In An Interview


The night before an important interview, I desperately researched all the latest news in the company’s industry. I tried to memorize all the skills the job description outlined and internally recited the finer details on how to operate certain software systems the position required.

On the way to my interview, I pulled up my notes on my phone and tried to cram my brain with everything I wanted to remember like I was going into a pop quiz. In the waiting room, I felt more and more nervous because my mind was just not retaining the finer details of certain programs I was barely familiar with that I desperately wanted to sound knowledgeable about.

The names of competitors and the company’s mission statement and leadership swam around in a blur with the other companies I had researched for older interviews. My expectations for my chances at the job started to tank.

Rear Adm. Joey Tynch, commander, Task Force 73, explains the importance of maritime domain awareness during a media interview for Southeast Asia Cooperation and Training (SEACAT).Dept. of Defense

But then, right at the brink of full-blown panic, I took a breath and thought to myself, Screw it, I’m just going to be honest.

That, my friends, was one of the best interviews I had.

How to win the interview battle

I walked in confident that I’d only talk up the skills I was 100% solid on, that I’d describe my past jobs with truth, and that I wasn’t going to do a tap dance to make it seem like I was someone I’m not. Throwing out my mental checklist of things to say allowed me to focus on my interviewers words, body language, and tone. I was able to have an actual conversation with her, not a stilted one-sided audition.

It seems so simple, it’s almost stupid. But being honest gives you confidence. Simple advice often holds the most truth. Get enough sleep, exercise, and sunshine, and you’ll be healthier and happier; common sense that’s been scientifically proven in recent years in countless studies. Being yourself, the advice heard from grade school on up still holds true.

Final word

While I’m all for next-level career advice, negotiation tactics, and arming yourself with the latest interview hack research, you need a solid foundation. And that foundation is simply to be honest. You don’t have to highlight certain shortcomings, but you don’t have to boast over them, you can simply leave them out. And if you don’t know something? Use trick my Army intel taught me. Say “I don’t know the answer to that, but I can follow up with you after.”

An Oregon Air National Guard F-15C Eagle that made an emergency landing on Wednesday ditched its entire arsenal of live air-to-air missiles before touching down at Portland International Airport, The War Zone reports.

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Several hundred U.S. troops will remain in Syria after allied forces clear ISIS fighters out of their last stronghold in the country, officials said on Friday.

President Donald Trump announced in December that he would withdraw all U.S. troops from Syria, but Sen. Lindsey Graham has since made a strong push to keep a small residual force along the Turkish border along with troops from European allies.

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Chris Osman (Photo: _chris_osman_designs/Instagram)

The former Navy SEAL among a group of eight men arrested earlier this week in Port-au-Prince on weapons charges says he was providing security work "for people who are directly connected to the current President" of Haiti.

"We were being used as pawns in a public fight between him and the current Prime Minister of Haiti," said Chris Osman, 44, in a post on Instagram Friday. "We were not released we were in fact rescued."

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Former Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis (DoD photo)

A Richland, Washington city councilman thinks native son Jim Mattis would make a terrific governor or even president.

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It's a photo for the ages: a Marine NCO, a Greek god in his dress blues, catches the eye of a lovely young woman as her boyfriend urges her on in distress. It's the photographic ancestor of the much-loved "distracted boyfriend" stock photo meme, made even sweeter by the fact that this is clearly a sailor about to lose his girl to a Devil Dog.

Well, this photo and the Marine in it, which hopscotched around Marine Corps Facebook and Instagram pages before skyrocketing to the front page of Reddit on Thursday, are very real.

The photo shows then-Staff Sgt. Louis A. Capozzoli — and he is absolutely not on his way to steal your girl.

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