We know that the case you use to carry your crap around doesn’t seem as important as what’s in it, but maybe it should be. With the right everyday carry bag, you can not only save space, but time, energy, and maybe even your life, in a sticky situation.

That’s where Triple Aught Design comes in. The adventure gear and apparel company recently released its brand new OP1 EDC, and although the everyday carry isn’t much bigger than a CD case, don’t let its size fool you: The OP1 is a little pouch that packs a pretty big punch.

The foldable pouch has a zippered clamshell opening that carefully lays out your equipment upon opening, according to its specs, making it easy to pack and unpack especially when you need to quickly access your gear in the field. Inside, over a dozen loops hold all gear of all different sizes, from food utensils to flashlights.

If you’re in the market for a new EDC, the Triple Aught Design OP1 starts at just $59.99. And did we mention it comes in a rainbow of camouflage colors?


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