This service member just enlisted in the Space Force with his alien pal by his side

Take me to your leader!

We’ve seen a lot of wild reenlistment stunts over the years, like the soldier who did it while dressed as a stormtrooper, or the one who did it in a Gamestop, or in a gas chamber, or in front of an explosion, or … well, you get the idea.

But few past stunts seem to be as self-aware as when a service member enlisted into the U.S. Space Force while touting a green blow-up alien doll named Buddy. Indeed, no prop seems more appropriate for entering America’s oldest space service.

“Staff Sgt. James Taylor enlisted into Space Force at the [Presidio of Monterey], along with Buddy, the alien mascot, who also participated in the event, keeping an eye on the guests,” wrote the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in a tweet announcing the enlistment on Thursday.

Taylor applied to work for Space Force last year and will be maintaining cable and satellite communications, DLIFLC explained.

Sure, these images are of an enlistment, not a reenlistment, but it’s still a chance to be a little goofy while raising your right hand and saying an oath. And we’re glad Staff Sgt. James Taylor took the opportunity! And we are also glad he has not fired the way three airmen were fired back in 2018 because one re-enlisted while wearing a dinosaur hand puppet.

In that incident, a colonel was reduced in rank and sent packing, a senior enlisted leader who was re-upping was drummed out, and the guy with the camera lost his billet and career momentum. All because of a dinosaur hand puppet. It’s a shame.

We can only hope that future Space Force enlistees follow in Taylor’s footsteps by making a Vulcan salute with their right hand, or by wearing Mandalorian battle armor, or by having your cyborg overlord mind-wipe into your meta-consciousness like a REAL space guardian. At least that’s how they did it back in my Space Force!

Kids these days.

Featured Image: Staff Sgt. James Taylor enlisted into Space Force at the Presidio of Monterey along with Buddy, the alien mascot, who also participated in the event, keeping an eye on the guests, Feb. 11, 2020. (Twitter / DLIFLC)

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