A Finnish Brewery Wants To Deliver Special Beer Aid To A Handful Of Lucky NATO Troops

November 3, 2018

A Finnish Brewery Wants To Deliver ‘Thirst Aid’ To A Handful Of Lucky Troops
Training for the next big war is thirsty work, especially if you’re taking part in the largest NATO military exercise since the Cold War. So when word spread that a contingent of some 7,000 U.S. Marines and sailors consumed every last drop of beer in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavík, at least one brewery sprung into action. Tornion … Read More

This New Navy Recruiting Video Is Basically Just A Tribute To Miniguns

November 2, 2018

This Navy Recruiting Video Is Basically A Tribute To Miniguns
Every American knows the Navy SEALs, but few can tell you what SWCC stands for. Founded in 1987, the Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen operate the lightest and fastest watercraft in the service in support of U.S. special operations forces. They are the elite descendants of the muscular PT and Swift boats of conflicts past and a critical … Read More

Russia Is Definitely Not A Fan Of ‘Hunter Killer’

November 1, 2018

hunter killer russia
Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty. The Russian and Ukrainian release of a Hollywood action film in which U.S. soldiers rescue a Russian president during a coup attempt has been postponed, and some reports suggest it could be banned in both countries due to its content.   Released in … Read More

The Marine Corps’ Official Birthday Video Is Out — And It’s Motivating AF

November 1, 2018

marine zodiac
The Marine Corps’ official 243rd birthday message video dropped on Thursday, and it is motivating as f–k, to put it bluntly. The seven minute video mostly consists of a voiceover from Gen. Robert Neller, Commandant of the Marine Corps, talking through a story of a Marine’s journey before, during, and after the Marine Corps that … Read More

Watch The Blue Angels Fly Out Of The Sunset In This Remarkable Video

October 31, 2018

blue angels
The U.S. Navy Blue Angels flight demonstration team arguably pulled off one of its most impressive feats yet over a beach in Alabama on Sunday. In a video shot in Baldwin County, six of the team’s jets can be seen flying over the beach in formation after they flew out of the setting sun. Dude. … Read More

This Navy Anti-Marijuana PSA Is A Great Reminder Of How Uncool Navy Is, Bro

October 31, 2018

Take a look at this brief Navy anti-drug PSA. It’s 60 seconds of your life well-wasted. Produced by the Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention office and published on Halloween, this business-casual ISIS hostage video explains how the wave of marijuana legalization measures cresting across the country may affect Navy personnel. The message is simple: federal … Read More

Reminder: Don’t Go To Your Base Gate Dressed In A Suicide Bomber Costume

October 31, 2018

bomb vest
Perhaps your commanding officer may have forgotten to mention it this morning, but I’d like to offer that you shouldn’t try to enter the front gate while dressed as a suicide bomber for Halloween. It’s Halloween! you might say, we should be able to go out in whatever costume we want! And to some extent, … Read More

US Troops Deploy ‘Overwhelming Force’ Against Iceland’s Beer Supplies

October 27, 2018

trident juncture iceland beer
U.S. troops landed in Iceland last week ahead of the start the largest NATO military exercise since the Cold War, and apparently, they left their mark in the most appropriate way possible: by drinking every last beer in the nation’s capital. A significant number of bars in downtown Reykjavík were forced to make emergency beer runs … Read More