A Member Of Blink-182 Claims He Advised The Navy On How To Find Saddam Hussein

June 30, 2018

blink-182 mark hoppus saddam hussein
Mark Hoppus is the bassist for Blink-182. He’s also a master military strategist who had some critical insights into the capture ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein — according to him at least. Hoppus — whose resume includes the distinctly non-strategic hobbies of skateboarding, writing punk-pop ballads, and remaining a fixture of your childhood nostalgia — … Read More

That Time A Marine Mechanic Took A July 4th Joyride In An A-4M Skyhawk

June 29, 2018

marine corps a-4m skyhawk
Some people celebrate the Fourth of July with beer, barbecue, and fireworks. Others prefer more unconventional forms of celebration — like stealing a $14 million subsonic attack aircraft and taking it out for a spin in the skies above California. That’s how Marine Lance Cpl. Howard A. Foot Jr. spent America’s birthday on July 4th, 1986, when the … Read More

It’s Time To End The Veteran War On Independence Day

June 27, 2018

4th of July, jack mandaville, veteran
Remember the guy in your platoon who was a total scumbag? The one who used to steal from other people and always make up shitty excuses for his failures? Well, that guy eventually became a veteran and his general scumbag disposition never changed. To make matters worse, he returned to a society that worships veterans … Read More

China Dropped A Naval Diss Video Because The US Didn’t Invite Them To RIMPAC

June 27, 2018

china military exercises diss track
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy dropped a hot diss track subtly aimed at the U.S. Navy this week, but this is no typical rap beef. When Drake and Pusha T went at it, it was over ghostwriting allegations; China, on the other hand, is likely upset that they weren’t invited to the annual U.S.-led Pacific … Read More

What We Do (And Don’t) Want To See In ‘Black Ops 4,’ ‘Battlefield V,’ And ‘Fallout 76’

June 25, 2018

If you’ve been following recent gaming buzz with a mix of excitement,  little bit of frustration (you know what you did, Activision), and some general confusion, it’s okay: You’re not alone. With this year’s E3 wrapped up, and a number of new console games in the works, Task & Purpose’s preeminent vet-gamer nerds, Brad Howard … Read More

Finally, The Perfect Tacticool Outfit For The Wall Street Banker In Your Life

June 25, 2018

Tactical gear — packs and clothes that are 90% pocket, camouflaged, and covered with straps and buckles — are all the rage among civilians right now. This should surprise no one given American society’s years-long love affair with “military-style” anything, but this trend has become especially egregious in recent years. Just take a look at … Read More

These 4 Celebrities Didn’t Serve In The US Military, And We’re Very OK With That

June 21, 2018

Weezer, celebs, celebrities
I think I’ve seen every list, article, and VH1 video concerning celebrities and their military service. Hell, I may be responsible for some myself. As I do once every two months, I was reading through my personal and comprehensive collection of Maxim magazines. But after a deep moment of meditation, I had an epiphany: At this … Read More

Our Top 5 Badass Fictional Warplanes, Ranked

June 20, 2018

Warplanes, Helicarrier
There are few sights more exciting than a futuristic fighter jet tearing across a clear blue sky. In video games, movies, and comic books, these slices of imagination dominate the skies and look good doing it. And whether or not they’re hitting Mach 3 during an attack run against invading aliens or attempting to topple … Read More