I Sought A Peaceful Poop In The Kuwaiti Desert. Then The Convoys Arrived

September 13, 2018

combat pooping kuwaiti desert iraq
We’re celebrating “Turdsay” by dropping the “turd” entrance in our combat pooping contest.  If you have something you think is as good, please e-mail it to Tom Ricks After our little four-day jaunt into southern Iraq during Operation Desert Shield/OperationDesert Storm, my unit, the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment was one of the first to be pulled back and … Read More

False Alarm: The Weekend Safety Brief Is Still Alive And Kicking

September 11, 2018

weekend safety brief
If you read Army Times on Monday, you might have learned that the Army “just killed the weekend safety brief for all soldiers.” Except, according to a branch spokesman, that’s not entirely accurate. While a memo from Army Secretary Mark Esper released last week as part of the service’s ongoing campaign against bureaucratic time-sucks noted … Read More

‘I Was Sh*tting All Over Their Country’: Doing My Doody On An Iraqi Roadside

September 11, 2018

iraq combat pooping
Here’s the second entry in our Combat Pooping contest. Not funny like the first one, but quite … pungent. If you have something you think is as good, please e-mail it to Tom Ricks. Like Nike says: Just doody it! People often want to know what Iraq was like, but they don’t want to hear that sometimes … Read More

Confessions Of A Belligerent Marine Grunt Turned Memoirist

September 10, 2018

Welcome to Confessions Of, a weekly series where Task & Purpose’s James Clark solicits hilarious, embarrassing, and revealing stories from troops and vets about their job, deployments, and time in service. Over the course of three deployments to Iraq as a Marine grunt between 2005 and 2009, Matt Young acquired more than his share of … Read More

Why Are So Many O-6s Behaving So Badly? And Other Military Mischief

September 10, 2018

air force colonels behaving badly O-6
Air Force colonels be freaking out: Here’s an unusual one. The commander of the 60th Air Mobility Wing at Travis Air Force Base got the big heave-ho for alleged financial improprieties. He had been in charge for less a month. An Air Force colonel was arrested after getting rowdy at a Boy George and the … Read More

6 British Sailors Arrested In Florida For Drunk And Disorderly Behavior

September 9, 2018

british sailors drunken disorderly conduct hms queen elizabeth
Six sailors from HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s largest and most powerful aircraft carrier, were reportedly arrested and taken into custody over drunk and disorderly behavior in Jacksonville, Florida, this week. The sailors, who were on shore leave, were arrested after locals found them fighting and urinating in public, the BBC reported. The incident took place on … Read More

Watch Troops In Afghanistan Try The MRE Pizza For The First Time

September 6, 2018

mre pizza army
The Army won’t field its much-anticipated Meal, Ready to Eat pizza until 2019, but a few soldiers deployed to Afghanistan managed to snag an early delivery thanks to our friends over at Stars and Stripes. Reporter Chad Garland hauled several of the brand new MREs all the way from the U.S. so hungry warfighters could assess the … Read More

Sh*t Happens — And That’s Not Always A Bad Thing

September 5, 2018

army ranger chinook combat pooping
Here’s the first entry in our Combat Pooping contest, and it’s a strong one. If you have something you think is as good, please e-mail it to Tom Ricks. My battalion in the 101st had an executive officer who was universally despised. He was called Majah Cajun or Bayou Bastard, depending on individual choice.   He … Read More