Editor’s Note: The following article highlights job listings from Hirepurpose clients that are committed to filling its ranks with talented members of the military community. Learn more here.

As you come closer to your military separation or retirement date, you may have a specific location that you would like to return to, a city you love, a very special place you call home. You may be married to a service member or just want to keep things wide open. Finding a position that is available in your hometown, or one that can be portable in the event of a relocation is a big concern.

At Hirepurpose, we partner with a network of established companies who cover large geographic areas or even operate nationwide. Many offer training programs and positions where veterans can put their technical and interpersonal skills, high attention to detail, and leadership acumen to good use.

This week, we are focusing on job opportunities that are offered in multiple locations across the country. These five positions, in the fields of electronics, solar energy, brand advocacy, sales and customer experience, are great for intelligent, motivated veterans of all ranks and their family members who would like to find exciting roles available in more than one area.

1. Retail field representative with Marketsource

This position, offered with the military-friendly sales and marketing company, Marketsource, is responsible for brand advocacy. The ideal candidate will possess good interpersonal skills and have a high capacity to learn product features and benefits in order to help to grow awareness of and increase sales for specific products in a variety of changing retail environments. There are several things that are unique about this role, but one of the best factors is that there are great locations that overlap with military towns. These roles can be portable, meaning if you have to move, it is not hard to keep your job and receive a transfer to another location. Military spouses and veterans of all ranks should take a look this amazing job prospect.

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2. Solar installer at NRG Home Solar

NRG Home Solar, a growing solar energy provider, is active in nine states and is expanding rapidly in 2015. They have a demonstrated track record of putting vets to work as home installers — if you have an electrical background and enjoy working outdoors in different locations throughout the week you need to look at these jobs. Veterans with an electrical background — electronics technicians, electrician's mate, avionics technicians, missile repair, communications repair, etc. — will find their skills directly transferable into this field. If you took electrical theory after boot camp, you are probably a fit for these roles.

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3. Verizon retail customer-service representative

If you like to help people and consider yourself a good critical thinker, a role as a retail sales representative with Verizon might be ideal for you. This national telecommunications company has a long-standing commitment to those who have served in our armed forces, being voted the #1 company for veterans this year by Military Times. This position requires a person with a high level of intelligence and a positive, energetic personality who is looking to create a world-class experience for Verizon customers in their retail locations. The company promotes from within and this position provides a great entry point for veterans of any rank into a career in a growing, persistent and healthy industry.

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4. Retail sales representative for Staples

Staples is another dynamic Hirepurpose partner that maintains operating locations throughout the United States. The role of retail sales representative, along with other exciting customer-facing positions, may offer significant career portability and a unique opportunity for prior service members and military spouses to utilize their sales, customer service, and leadership skills on the job. Staples truly values all U.S. service members have to offer and has pledged to look at every vet who has applied through Hirepurpose. Retail sales representatives become experts in the products they specialize in and help to create solutions for customers that offer value and utility.

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5. Customer service representative with Republic Services

This position with Republic Services is an excellent entry-level role into a well-established company that operates in most states and is anchored in an essential industry. The organization appreciates the skills, experience, and operational excellence that veterans bring to the table, and actively recruits, hires, and develops those who have served. This role is perfect for those who trained in all types of occupational specialties and are seeking a workplace where their ability to help others, resolve conflicts, and propose solutions to everyday problems is rewarded. Outgoing veterans with experience interacting with people of all backgrounds will feel right at home as they act as the face and voice of this forward-moving company!

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