Do you want to work in an exciting and expanding career field with lots of upward potential? One where you don’t have to go back to school or spend months in a training program to go to work after you get your DD-214? Then CarMax might be a great choice for your first post-military job.

In order to meet the CarMax standard, a vehicle has to undergo an extensive evaluation. Each vehicle will receive what is essentially an interior and exterior detail. This is where the reconditioning associates come in.

Each CarMax retail location is served by a reconditioning facility. These are large buildings with large parking lots where vehicles from across the country are brought in, evaluated, and put into a process that typically takes less than 48 hours.

The focus is on efficiency. As a vehicle snakes its way through the warehouse, the reconditioning associates focus on a particular area (the right side passenger compartment, for example) and use provided tools to ensure that the vehicles meet the CarMax Quality standards. Reconditioning facilities are unique in that they are climate controlled, clean, and have music playing in the background. It’s a pleasant, high-energy work environment where time passes quickly.

Starting out as anentry-level reconditioning associate can lead to promotions into leadership roles or even crossing over to another function like Purchasing or Business Office operations. Some of these roles are part-time to begin with and can lead to full-time opportunities. On a tour of a reconditioning facility, Hirepurpose met an operations manager in charge of a crew of 75 associates and millions of dollars in inventory who was a former Army staff sergeant. The career potential for vets at CarMax is very real.

CarMax has a particular need for associates at the Parker, Colorado, location. If you are a veteran or spouse interested in exploring a reconditioning associate role in Parker and you’d like to find out more,click here to be contacted by a Hirepurpose team member who will answer questions, assist with resume, and expedite the process to get you in front of a recruiter.

CarMax is hiring vets across all of its U.S. locations; click here to view reconditioning associate roles.

CarMax is the largest retailer of used cars in America. This is a company that has experienced steady growth and increased sales by thoughtfully promoting a work environment and culture that values integrity and respect for employees and customers. That’s not just a mission statement hanging on a wall; CarMax has consistently ranked in Fortune magazine’s “Top 100 Companies to Work For” in addition to the “Training Top 125 Companies” by Training magazine.

CarMax operates in over 150 locations throughout the United States. They acquire used vehicles from multiple sources, recondition them to achieve the CarMax Quality standards and market them at store locations nationwide.

Find out more about this opportunity with CarMax today.