As military spouses, we are used to being away from family. We spent four years overseas in Germany while most of the rest of our family was all the way in California. We, as military families, find ways to stay in touch. We have to.

With Covid-19, everyone is being asked to stay home, unless they have to be out for work or another necessary trip. This means friends and families are not going to be able to get together like before, or at all. Even if you live close to one another, it is best to keep your distance.

And while us military families might be used to some of this, we are also finding that we need to get creative to continue to connect with our loved ones, both near and far.

Here are some apps that might help you do that:

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a video messaging and video hosting service mobile app. It’s basically like a video walkie-talkie. This is great to be able to talk during the day without having to coordinate a video chat all at the same time. You can chat when you are able to and respond later.


Voxer is another walkie/talkie app with voice, text, photo, and location sharing. You can send audio combined with multimedia. Again, you can send and view the messages on your time schedule.

Google Duo

With Google Duo, you can chat with up to eight people. It works on Android or iOS smartphones. You can also send video messages.


While Zoom is used in the business world for video conferencing and webinars, it can also be used in a more personalized setting, especially if you are not able to meet in person. Zoom can be great for book clubs, bible studies, and more.

Facebook Video Chat

Facebook also has a video chat option. You can easily have a video conversation with family and friends, right through your messenger app.


Of course, you can always use FaceTime on your iPhone, or other Apple products. Plan regular FaceTime chats and stay in touch through this time of having to be apart.


Discord is an easy way to communicate with voice, video, and text. It is perfect for school clubs, friends, and family. You can chat, send GIFs, photos, and more.


WhatsApp is a messenger app that is good for texting people worldwide. Send text, voice messages, voice, and video calls, and share images.


Skype has been around a while and it is yet another way to keep in touch. You can video chat, and send messages.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is chat-based and good for collaborations. It allows you to work together with a team or other group and share information in one place. They have one-on-one chat, document collaboration, and more.

It can be difficult to have to go without being with the people we love and care about, because of social distancing, or just because you live far away. These apps should help you stay more connected over the miles.