10 dos and don’ts for the Navy ball
(Photo: U.S. Navy photo, Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Brian T. Glunt/Released)

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The time when sequins are encouraged and Rent the Runway’s stock goes up. That’s right my friends, it’s the Navy ball.

Whether you love it or hate it, look at it as mandatory fun or The Most Fun, we here at SpouseBuzz care about your wellbeing and want you to not only have a great time, but make it through the night with both your dignity and marriage intact. Because nothing says opportunity for disagreement than alcohol + pressure + uncomfortable shoes + being hangry whilst waiting for that banquet food you know isn’t coming until after all the toasts in the land.

Me, personally? I love a good Navy ball. The pomp, circumstance, gowns, dress uniforms … bring it on.

Here are 10 Navy ball dos and don’ts to get you through the night.

1. DO have an introduction gameplan with your spouse. Our rule is that if my husband doesn’t introduce me it’s because he can’t remember the name and I introduce myself. Otherwise it’s up to him. Discuss it beforehand – your spouse might assume you don’t want to meet the leadership, but it’s a good thing to do.

2. DON’T be a wallflower. Easier said than done. Even as the world’s most extroverted extrovert, in a room of several hundred people where you don’t know a soul, it’s natural to want to cling to your date. Find a friendly face at your table, admit you know no one and go from there.

3. DO enjoy a night off. You have a gown (or suit!) on! You look good and you feel good and it’s fun to be out on the town. Raise a glass to your babysitter.

4. DON’T do shots. Slurring your words is never a great impression. Know your limits and follow them.

5. DO get your fancy on. Wear that long gown with all the sparkles. Rent a tux. Try that up-do you watched seven times on YouTube. You have a reason to dress up – enjoy it!

6. DON’T be a walking wardrobe malfunction. Keep it PG. Maybe a little PG-13. But not R. Oh no, please, no R. If you wouldn’t want your mom or mother-in-law to see you in it, put it back. Classy goes a long way.

7. DO go into it wanting to have a good time. You can put the fun in mandatory fun. It’s a great opportunity to experience the traditions of the Navy, you’re with the one you love, and if nothing else, it’s a night out.

8. DON’T fight with your date. Even when he leaves you at the table to “go get a drink” and is gone for 45 minutes because he ran into someone in line that he hadn’t seen since a deployment three years ago (hypothetically speaking of course!), take a time out from any possible quarrels.

9. DO soak it all in, and be respectful. Raise your glass for the toasts, listen intently to the speeches, and above all, be reverent during the presentation of the Missing Man Table.

10. DON’T be afraid to be yourself. Love to sew and want to make your own vintage creation? Craft away. Have a killer move for the dance floor? Go for it. You be you, my friend — especially if you’re having fun doing it.

By T.T. Robinson,

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