Happy Parent’s Day


Aaawww…Parents…joy, hope, stability, security, acceptance, and most of all love. Parents play an important role in imparting many things into their kiddos lives and there is no doubt in my mind there should be a day to celebrate them….Right?

Parents’ Day was founded in 1994 by then President Bill Clinton, who declared the fourth Sunday of July as a day to “commemorate the role of parents and to promote ideal parenthood”. According to the National Parents’ Day Council, “this is not just a day to honor Moms and Dads, but also a day when parents can rededicate themselves to their children”.  The idea behind Parent’s Day is to celebrate the love we receive form our parents.

So, how should we celebrate Parents’ Day? Gifts, cards, flowers…..? It’s up to each of us to make this day extra special for our own parents.


Here are a few ideas on how you can make this day a unique and special one:


1. Go on a nature hike.


Bobbi Ice Cream2. Don’t let mom and dad cook….go out for lunch…or if eating out is not your thing have a picnic.


3. Order pizza, have a carpet picnic in the living room and watch a movie.


4. Decorate the house!…Yes let the kiddos go to town with balloons, streamers and poster board.  How Fun!


5. Organize a neighborhood pot-luck…invite all the families over for a fun day in the sun.


6. Make mom and dad a special gift.  I would rather have a homemade gift from my kiddos any day over a store bought one…I love my homemade jewelry.


7. Put on a play! I remember growing up we would call all the parents downstairs and make them watch our “Broadway Show”…we had so much fun and I know our parents enjoyed it.


8. Don’t buy a card, make one!…If your kiddos are younger help them make a card for the other parent.


9. Bake a cake…what is better than cake and ice cream…yummy!


10. Plan a quiet evening at home.


Bobbi FlowersNo matter what you do for your mom and dad on Parent’s Day…I know they will love it.  Even though I am a mommy now and all grown up, I still make my mom a handmade card for special days….and she still loves them.


Have a fantastic Parent’s Day everyone!!


Thank you to Bobbi Pack from for this fun blog honoring our military parents!