Looking to send some presents to your loved one overseas? Why not try a 12 Days of Christmas-themed care package?

Start by decorating the inside of your box with red and green paper. If you have children, you can add paper snowflakes. Wrap 12 items and label them “on the first day of Christmas…” on up to the twelfth day.

If you’re stumped, keep it simple. Choose items that suit your service member’s hobby—movies, music, art supplies for downtime, a couple paperback books, a nice shaving kit, etc.

Here are a few ideas to get you started: An iTunes gift card to keep them rocking and rolling while overseas, a cozy blanket for the colder weather, an advent calendar (you can make your own inserting pictures you love, or purchase ready-made chocolate ones from a variety of retailers) holiday-themed movies, holiday-themed music, gingerbread, Christmas cookies, holiday-themed non-dairy creamer, and drink mixes like hot cocoa, coffee, or tea.

Have you ever sent a holiday-themed care package?