My husband was on a 6 month deployment when 9/11 occurred and then further deployed as one of the first crews on station doing reconnaissance over  the terrorists camps in Iraq.  I didn’t even know this until years later.  That’s how they all are – we have no idea what they do because they just do it.  This also includes our family, many of who are NY city policemen and served on 9/11.

As September 11th approaches you can’t help but to think back of where you were when you watched our twin towers fall, our Pentagon burn and terror filled the air.   I was in Jacksonville, Fl working at Paterson Elementary when the towers were hit.   I immediately thought of my family in NJ and NY and of course Ed, who was in Italy.

Another military spouse came to the school and told us that the base was under a bomb threat and we can’t go near it, however we only lived about 5 miles from the base.  Can’t go home, can’t call home, can’t see anyone in your family; as with everyone,  it was a very scary, lonely feeling.   Ed was able to briefly call and tell me that they were further deploying and can’t tell me where and for how long and wouldn’t be able to call.  I remember falling to my knees and praying.

14 years later, my kids know nothing else but the world being at war.    However, this is their norm.  They know that their Dad flies around the world to help people and keep us safe.  But, they are still kids who miss their dad when he’s away.


Fortunately this year, we are actually together in the same time zone and plan to just have a normal Friday.    As adults we are all filled with difficult memories on 9/11.  However for our children, 9/11 is just another normal day and that’s because of our armed services and first responders keeping ALL of us safe.

For the past 14 years we owe our simple, “normal” days, that we take for granted,  to the ones who protect us from afar.

Thank you to our military, veterans and their families as well as our first responders – we hope you can enjoy a beautiful peaceful day and we love you all.     – Jen and MilitaryOneClick Team