15 Pinterest accounts milspouses should follow right now

By Julie Provost

Gone are the days when you have to cut photos and recipes out of magazines and post them into a scrapbook. Pinterest is the place for finding the right meal to make for the next FRG meeting, how to decorate your boring military housing or to get advice on getting through your next deployment.

With your Pinterest account you can save your favorite blog posts and re-share the recipes and life hacks that have worked for you. You can take a look and see what other milspouses are finding to help them in their lives. Whether you are just starting out on Pinterest or have been a member of the site for a while, here are the 15 Pinterest accounts milspouses should follow right now.

1. Injenious Life

This lifestyle blogger, Army veteran, and Army wife with four children is a must-follow to help with your creative side. She shares a lot of great recipes and craft pins to inspire you in your busy military life.

2. Servant Mama

This blogger is a Marine wife as well as mom to two kids. She shares uplifting posts as well as tips such as PCSing with children. Her pins will help you with military life challenges and inspire you along the way.

3. Jessica Lynn Writes

From ideas for your home to tips on how to make friends in military life, this blogger has helpful pins for moms and military spouses. She is an Air Force wife with three girls of her own.

4. Ramblings of a Marine Wife

This mom of two is married to a retired Marine Corps veteran. She has invaluable advice about military life, living with PTSD, and life in Texas.

5. Singing Through the Rain

As a mom to two special needs kids and a military spouse, Kathryn has a library of helpful pins for those experiencing the same kinds of challenges.

6. A Semi-Delicate Balance

This blogger is a working mom and milspouse that will inspire you with her pins. She has printables to help you plan your next PCS and posts about motherhood, military life, and how to balance it all.

7. The Military Wife and Mom

Lauren is a nurse turned stay-at-home mom and has a collection of pins to help you in your milspouse life. From parenting hacks to how to get through a deployment, she has plenty to offer when it comes to your children or surviving military life.

8. Moms Don’t Sleep

Kara is the wife of an airman and mom to two kids. She has helpful pins on saving and spending money as a military family and tips about life as a military spouse.

9. Let’s Go Somewhere Mom

This soldier and mother of three loves to travel. Her Pinterest account shows that as she shares posts on traveling and living overseas.

10. NextGen Milspouse

This website is all about the milspouse and their Pinterest account reflects that. From articles about the struggle to find a job as a milspouse to trending news, you’ll find new ideas as you peruse their account.

11. Military Avenue

This Pinterest account is all things military life. They pin articles on the challenges of being in a military family, military discounts, and more.

12. Military Spouse Magazine

With their wealth of articles on military life, this magazine has a vivid Pinterest account to go with it. From their magazine covers to in-depth blog posts that make you think, they will add a lot of milspouse to your feed.

13. Seasoned Spouse

This Marine spouse and mom of four shares military life from a seasoned spouse’s perspective. (She is one of our Associate Editors here at Military One Click.)

14. Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life

This blogger will fill your feed with milspouse life memes and posts from around the military world. (And if you didn’t know, this is me.)

15. Military One Click

Don’t forget to follow our own Pinterest account for all our military life posts.

Julie Provost is an associate editor at Military One Click and a National Guard spouse. She can be reached at