By Lizann Lightfoot

20 Instagram accounts milspouses should follow right now

I’ll be honest–I was late to the Instagram game. I only joined a year ago when I became a military spouse blogger. Since then, I have met some truly inspiring military spouses online. Their memes make me laugh and their Instagram accounts show me that military life can indeed be beautiful.

There are so many incredible military spouses out there. Some are parents; some are not. Some are really into food or fitness; others have more unusual hobbies. No matter what our various interests are, we can all find something in common on Instagram. Follow all of these military spouses on Instagram to bring some beauty and humor into your day.

1. Krystel from Army Wife 101: This is the official Instagram of ArmyWife101, a popular blog. Here you will find everything from blog post images, employment tips, military discounts, and humorous memes.

2. Lauren from The Military Wife and Mom: This inspiring military wife blogs and has published books about parenting tips and dealing with young children. Her Instagram is full of military memes and humor. There are also glimpses of life in Japan, where she currently lives with her husband and two children.

3. Kathryn from Singing through the Rain: She is a Christian blogger, the author of Journey through Deployment, and mom to two special needs kids. Her Instagram shows healthy recipes, life in Colorado, and the day-to-day victories of a special needs mom.

4. Humans on the Homefront: This incredible page showcases the unique military stories of men and women from multiple generations. Each post highlights a different individual, whether it is a World War II veteran or a young military spouse starting a new career. You will be touched by these heartfelt accounts.

5. The Milspo Project: This nonprofit is all about educating and inspiring military spouses, especially those who are seeking new jobs. Their Instagram quotes are motivational and beautiful.

6. Kara from Ramblings of a Marine Wife: This military spouse blogger has been around the world but currently posts photos from Texas. She is an avid reader, military wife, and mom.

7. Jessica Lynn, @Jesstagirl: She’s a military wife, blogger, and mom of two cute little girls. Her Instagram is filled with beautiful photos of food, children, and Southern California.

8. Morgan, @flyfightlove: Some of the best Instagram accounts are photographers. This photographer happens to be an Air Force wife, too. She shares photos of her children, patriotic decor, and her coffee.

9. The Six Box: This cool company is run by two military spouses. They send monthly care packages to support other military spouses. Their Instagram is all about encouragement and motivation.

10. JD from Semi Delicate Balance: She’s a hilarious Navy wife with a sarcastic sense of humor and a flair for military memes. Follow her on Instagram to be constantly entertained.

11. Trista, A Purpose Driven Wife: This Army wife offers a little something for everyone. Her Instagram has food, fitness tips, military life inspiration, uplifting faith quotes, and photos of kids and puppies.

12. Kim from She is Fierce: This Canadian military spouse is a powerhouse. She has published a book and travels on speaking tours. She has an amazing sense of humor about military life. You will love her honesty just as much as her funny insights into the Canadian military.

13. Kristen from If the Saddle Fits: If you love horses, you have to check out this Instagram. Kristen is a military spouse blogger who owns and rides horses, no matter where the Army sends her family.

14. Amanda from Airman to Mom: She left the Air Force to become a stay-at-home mom. This military spouse blogger has experienced military life and deployments from both the active duty and the dependent side.

15. Kayla Roof: This military spouse entrepreneur has developed online workshops and classes to help other military spouses develop careers that are PCS-proof.

16. It’s Not Me You Suck: Her sarcastic humor is what gets her through serious challenges like chronic illness and pain. She is a blogger, an animal lover, and one of the original developers of replacing The Elf on the Shelf with The Whore in the Drawer.

17. AMPA, @Lgbt militaryspouse: This is the official Instagram of the American Military Partner Association. Their page displays the beauty and variety of LGBT military families.

18. Fran from Freeborboleta: If you are a blogger, you can learn from this military spouse web designer. She’s an Army wife and mom of two. Her Instagram has beautiful fonts and printable designs on display.

19. Julie from Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life: She is an Army wife whose husband transitioned to the National Guard. Her Instagram has some of the best military spouse memes, ranging from encouragement to laugh-out-loud funny. Julie is an Associate Editor for Military One Click.

20. The Seasoned Spouse from Seasoned Spouse Military Advice: This military spouse blogger and mom of four shares blog posts, memes, and deployment advice. (Full disclosure: This is my Instagram account!)

Lizann Lightfoot is an associate editor at Military One Click and a Marine Corps spouse. She can be reached at