Here are 3 ways milkids can get books for free
(Photo: Pixabay)

Want to make sure your child is ready for school and beyond? Make sure your home is awash in literature and accessible books. Reading to your child can help improve their counting, speech, and vocabulary, and having a book-rich home helps to create children who are problem-solvers, critical-thinkers, and readers for life.

For military families, books sometimes get left behind during PCSes or they might not be a priority when money’s tight. That’s why some organizations are stepping up to keep military kids’ shelves stocked with books that make them think, dream, and learn.

1. Operation Paperback

Celebrating 18 years of service to the military and their families, Operation Paperback provides free shipments of books to organizations, families, and deployed military members. During their work, they have distributed more than 2.2 million books To request a shipment, you can submit your family’s address and reading preferences, including the age ranges of your children.

2. United Through Reading

United Through Reading offers a unique way for kids and their deployed parents to connect. Parents who are separated from their children are videotaped reading a book to their child. Then, a DVD and the book are shipped to the child, so the child can read along with the recording. The process is free of charge. Here’s how to find participating bases.

3. Books on Bases

A cultural program of Blue Star Families, Books on Bases offers free books to military kids, base schools, and base libraries. Books on Bases events are publicized through the nonprofit’s newsletters and social media. More information about the program can be found here.

By J.G. Noll