Use one of these 42 pick-up lines to find new military spouse friends
(Photo: US Marines, Capt. Aaron Moshier)

By Lizann Lightfoot

You’ve just moved to a new duty station, and you build up the nerve to visit the local park. It may seem like you are there for your kids or your dog, but your real motivation is to meet some neighbors and hopefully make new friends. You see a few other people around–walking dogs, helping their kids, getting ready to go for a run. One of these people could end up being your best friend for the next few years. But how do you approach them? What do you say?

To meet your new milspouse bestie, you are going to need a good pickup line.

The problem is, we are all using the same lines and similar questions every time we meet a new military spouse. Whether you are at a unit event, on a group FB page, or hanging with your kids at the local playground, making new military spouse friends can feel a little like speed dating.  You may only have two minutes to discover if you and this stranger have anything in common. That means every milspouse is able to snap out the answers to these questions.

Apparently, these are the pick-up lines that never get old among military spouse friends. Every milspouse has used or heard these friend pick-up lines:

On base

  1. How long have you lived here?
  2. Do you like it here so far?
  3. Where was your previous duty station?
  4. What was your favorite duty station?
  5. What neighborhood are you in?
  6. We just moved here. Would you mind if I put you on my kid’s emergency contact form?
  7. Which unit is your spouse with?
  8. Are you going to that unit event next week?
  9. Where is “home” for you?
  10. How is the weather in your home state?
  11. Do you have family nearby?
  12. How do you like your house? Is it one of the three-bedrooms?
  13. Your yard looks beautiful. I walk by here each morning an admire it.
  14. Hi, I’m your neighbor. Could I please borrow a cup of milk?
  15. What is your spouse’s rank? (Don’t use this one! We’ve all heard it, but no one likes it!)

On spouse FB pages

  1. We just got assigned to a house on X street! Who are my new neighbors?
  2. Is this your dog? He escaped and came to our house.
  3. To the mom pushing the triple stroller up the hill this morning–you go girl!
  4. I have twins, too! We should hang out sometime.
  5. Spouse is deployed and I’m super lonely. Will anyone come over and watch Netflix with me?
  6. I need a church buddy. What are good churches around here?
  7. We just moved here, and I think I twisted my ankle. Can someone please please drive me to the ER?
  8. Here’s a photo of my puppy. Who wants to meet us at the dog park?
  9. I need a workout buddy!
  10. To the person who lives at 323A: sorry we took your parking spot. My parents are visiting and we will move their car tomorrow.
  11. OMG, look which concert tour is coming to town! Who wants to get tickets with me?
  12. I’m baking and just ran out of brown sugar. Anyone on X street want to bring me some?
  13. Is Charlie’s mom from second grade here? Our kids are in the same class and want to plan a playdate.
  14. Hi, I sell Scentsy/ItWorks/Stella & Dot/ LuLaRoe/Usborne/Pampered Chef/Young Living. Would you like to buy from me?

For parents

  1. I love your stroller!
  2. Your child is so cute, how old are they?
  3. Is she your oldest?
  4. Is he your youngest?
  5. How many kids do you have?
  6. Is this the best park around here?
  7. Do you know anything about the base preschool/swim lessons/CDC?
  8. Do you have kids in this school? How are their teachers?

For fur parents

  1. Can I pet your dog?
  2. Is it a he or a she?
  3. What breed is that?
  4. Awww, you have a puppy? Can I see a picture?
  5. Your dog is so well behaved. Did you do classes with them?

What are some of the pick-up lines you have heard from military spouses? What are the first things you typically ask someone when you move to a new duty station?

Lizann Lightfoot is an associate editor at Military One Click and a Marine Corps spouse. She can be reached at