By Team MOC

Between the crush of the holidays and the impending end of the year, there’s not a whole lot of time to think seriously about New Year’s resolutions. Sure– there are the go-to ones that everyone claims for the first day of the next year. Lose weight. Eat healthier. Start that business this year. Write a novel. Stay off the phone. Don’t work so much.

But the truth is that those resolutions are gigantic, hard ones to actually make true. (And if you’re really successful with those life-changing resolutions, my hat is off to you!) Usually life gets in the way.

That’s why we’ve come up with a few resolutions that every military spouse can adhere to… at least for a few days into 2017.

1. I resolve not to roll my eyes the next time someone asks for my “sponsor’s last four.”


I make absolutely no promises if they’ll be the right last four. But I won’t roll my eyes. No promises when someone asks which number spouse I am.

2. I resolve not to yell at the gate guard for giving directions and holding up the line.


They’re being nice. They’re being nice. They’re being nice.

3. I resolve not to go into the commissary on payday.


Easiest resolution to make ever… am I right or am I right?

4 . I resolve not to briefly consider parking in the base CO’s spot if #3 doesn’t work out as planned.


Note to self: “Gen. Parking” is not the same thing as “Gen. Admission.”

5. I resolve not to let my military ID card expire. At least not by much…


And I will be really nice to the people in the ID office when I renew.

6. Which reminds me… I do resolve to renew my car registration before the front gate guy tells me to do it.


In fact, I’m setting up a Google calendar alert right now. Let’s be real: no I’m not.

7. I resolve to at least try to bring a homemade dish to the potluck. Well, I resolve to do it once at least. 


Just kidding. I’m bringing a platter from the commissary… and I’ll probably have to do battle on a payday to get it.