Summer is PCS season! Time to move, and start over somewhere else. Time to purge, and organize and have a fresh start. But what happens if you aren’t PCSing anytime soon? Maybe you won’t have orders anywhere until 2022 or maybe you are a National Guard family and are in your forever home.

If you are not PCSing this summer, you still might want to take this time to pretend like you are, to help organize your house or change things up a bit. Here are 7 ways to do so:

1) Declutter

Decluttering is always a good idea. What don’t you need anymore? What can you get rid of? Spend some time going through each room and getting rid of things you won’t use. It’s so freeing.

2) Repaint

Have you been meaning to repaint one or all of your rooms? Maybe now is the time to do so. Take time to freshen up that older paint and give your home a new look.

3) Change up the rooms

Can you change up your rooms? Can you switch around the playroom and the guest room? Maybe your kids want to switch? This can be a good way to give your home a new feel without having to actually move.

4) Make memories

While we are somewhat limited in 2020 where we can go, you can still take some time to explore your local area. When you PCS somewhere new, you take the time to learn more about your new city. You can still do so even if you have lived there for years.

5) Make new friends

It’s always a good idea to make new friends. You don’t have to be new to an area to make that a priority. See what is going on in your local community and find ways to make new friends.

6) Buy new decor

Adding new wall hangings, pillows, or even changing your bedding can make you feel excited about your home. When you move, you often do buy those new things, why not buy a few new things for your current home? Shop sales, and don’t forget about places like Etsy to add some cute new decor to your home.

7) Make lots of lists

Make a list of what needs to be fixed in your home. Make a list of what you want to paint. Make a list of any areas that need a good deep cleaning. Then start working on your lists. Checking things off will make you feel so good!

You might have a lot more free time this summer so spend that time working on your home and pretending you are getting ready for another PCS. It will only help your home look and feel a bit better and you will be more ready for when you actually do PCS or move in the future.