These last-minute Valentine's Day gifts will save you if you've forgotten

By Lizann Lightfoot

That’s right: Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. If you’re now saying, “Oh, shoot!” don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Maybe you had plans to get a special gift and just didn’t get around to it. Maybe you think Valentine’s Day is overrated, so you didn’t want to worry about the hassle. Either way, I’m sure that you do love that special someone in your life. The important thing is that you show them your love. You don’t have to do that with flowers and chocolate but, well, they certainly help.

It might be too late to secure a reservation at your favorite restaurant or to order a custom gift, but there’s still time to celebrate. You’re lucky this year: Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday. That means it’s acceptable to celebrate next weekend, as long as you actually plan something. Use these last-minute gift ideas and your loved one will certainly feel the love.

1. Pick up a card, chocolate, or flowers

vintage valentine
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This is easy, but you have to do it today or tomorrow. Stop by any store and pick out a gift! There might not be an amazing selection, but I guarantee that any card is better than no card at all. That goes for flowers too–tulips or daisies will work in a pinch.

2. Order a gourmet meal to cook at home

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If there’s no time to plan for a dinner out or all the restaurant reservations are full, you can still enjoy a fancy candlelight dinner. You’ll just have to cook it yourself. This can be a fun date night at home. Go online right now and order from a meal delivery service like Chef’d or Home Chef. If you pay for rush shipping, it should get here by tomorrow. Your order will include fresh, gourmet ingredients and detailed cooking instructions. It’s like going to a private cooking class, so you and your loved one can have fun preparing and eating together.

3. Reserve a babysitter

baby from Flickr via Wylio
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If you aren’t able to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow, show you didn’t forget by planning a future date night. Ideally, it should happen next weekend! If you want this to be a pleasant surprise for your loved one, make sure you do all the logistical work. Schedule the reservation. Secure a babysitter. Ask to get out of work early. Do what you need to do to give the gift of time and attention to the one you love.

4. Transform your bathroom into a spa

spa from Flickr via Wylio
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If you think your partner needs some time to relax, but you haven’t had time to get them a spa gift certificate, then show them you care by creating a spa at home. Take some time today to clean the bathroom and prepare. You’ll want candles, bath lotion, and maybe massage oil. A bottle of wine would make a great addition. Then tomorrow, you can set the mood and help your loved one enjoy a relaxing evening.

5. Buy lingerie

Viactorias Secret - Metcalf South Shopping Center from Flickr via Wylio
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Whether you are dating or married, new lingerie can be a fun gift that you will both enjoy. One great thing about the 21st century is that anyone can walk into Victoria’s Secret and choose something, with no questions or judgement. No matter which one of you does the shopping, something colorful and fun is always a thrilling surprise.

6. Get tickets for a big event

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Since Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday, many couples won’t be able to go out and do much tomorrow night. So it’s totally acceptable to give a gift that you can both enjoy a little later. Is there a concert that your loved one has been talking about? Check the schedule for their favorite sports team. Or look up local plays and performances if you enjoy going to shows together. Start with your base ITT office to get the best deals! Even if the event is a few months away, getting the tickets now is a great gift (and a perfect last-minute save!)

7. Make dessert

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If there’s no time to get the gift your partner really wanted, then at least give a gift they will enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you stop at the bakery section of the grocery store or if you make something from scratch. Or you can just grab their favorite ice cream. Either way, your loved one will appreciate the sweet gesture.

8. Plan a get together with friends

If you’re feeling bummed about your lack of Valentine’s plans, team up with some friends and plan something fun for next weekend. This works whether your spouse is home or deployed. If they are around, then team up with another couple you both like and do something everyone will enjoy. If you are solo during deployment, then talk to some of your friends and plan a

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fun activity with them. Having something to look forward to is the best way to get past Valentine’s blues.
So go ahead, don’t stress. Just make those plans. (And then plan ahead next year!)