8 ways to find a legit online job (for real!)

We had just moved back to the US from Germany, and I needed to find a way to make money from home. With two young kids, another on the way, and an active duty husband who tended to deploy a lot, finding a job outside the home wasn’t a viable option for me.

Before we went to Germany, I had an eBay business but had to give that up when we PCSed overseas because of the rules and regulations of running a small business there. So now that I was back, I wanted to find something else to help bring in income.

The most frustrating part of this type of job search was wading through all the offers that are out there to find the right fit. If you are looking for a direct sales business, there are plenty to be found, but if you are looking for another type of online job, the search can be complicated.

Here are eight ways to find a legit online job when it seems hard to do so.

1. Search Madskills

Madskills is the perfect place to start your virtual job hunt. They outsource remote jobs and tasks to military spouses. They have a job board you can search to find work as a graphic designer, writer, copywriter, and more. Make sure to follow them on Facebook to receive job opportunities in your newsfeed.

2. Look for writing jobs at ProBlogger

If you are interested in starting a freelance writing career, you need to start writing. Start your blog or website and then start looking for jobs. One of the best places to look for writing jobs is the job board at ProBlogger, one of the biggest sites in the blogging niche. Here you will find all types of writing jobs that you can apply for. Some could just be temporary and others could lead to a more permanent position.

3. Networking

Get to know people who do what you want to do from home. When others know what you are looking for, they might pass job leads to you. The more people you connect with, the better the chances that this will be a way to find a new job.

4. LinkedIn

You need a LinkedIn profile. Create an online resume, connect to others, and even look for jobs. This is a perfect way to network online and stay relevant in your field.

5. Local sites

Sites such as Craigslist can be a way to find local jobs working from home. Although you can work from home, some of these businesses want you to be local to get started. Even if you have to move eventually, finding out what is available in your local area can be a good way to find the right company that you can take with you when you do move. Be aware that there are scams that use local sites, so do your research and determine that the ad you’re responding to is a legit company looking for a real person to fill their job.

6. Contact the company directly

If there is a company you want to work for, see if they offer any positions from home. Companies such as USAA, Amazon, Dell, and Adobe offer work-at-home positions. If you are currently working for a company, ask if you can work from home either full-time or part-time. Some companies could be willing to try it out if one of their employees is interested.

7. Ask

The first social media internship I ever had I received because I asked on Twitter if anyone knew of any social media jobs. You never know who is watching. . .  or who will see your post.

8. Facebook groups

Find a Facebook group based on the type of job you are looking for. Make sure to follow the group rules and check back in them often so you don’t miss out on an opportunity.

By Julie Provost

Julie Provost is an associate editor at Military One Click and a National Guard spouse. She can be reached at