Visit these 8 must-see wine festivals when you’re stationed in Germany

By Courtney Hall

Germany hosts over 1,000 wine and beer events every year. It’s a wonderful time to get out, try new beers and wines and to really take in the local culture and traditions. From April to September, wine festivals (weinfeste) start popping up throughout Deutschland. Here are eight wine festivals you do not want to miss!

1. Wurstmarkt in Bad Dürkheim

If you want to go see a gigantic wine festival, this is the festival for you. This wine festival is over 570 years old and is hosted in the town’s centrum in front of Dürkheimer Riesenfass–the largest wine barrel in the world, which also houses a restaurant. This festival has over 600,000 visitors each year. You can try over 150 different wines, while enjoying live entertainment, rides, and fairground attractions. This festival takes place the second and third weekends of September.

2. Rothenburger Wine Festival

The beautiful city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a must-see. This medieval walled city is simply breath-taking. To make it even more attractive, the city has now added a weinfeste, the Rothenburger Weindorf in August of 2017. Feel free to enjoy your wines in the courtyard of the town hall or the beautiful square of St. Jakob’s Church. You’ll be guaranteed a great time with Dixieland music, fashion shows, brass band music, and much more.

3. Ruedesheimer Weinfest

August 17 through 21 sees a gorgeous little wine fest take place in the picturesque town of Rüdesheim. Prepare to enjoy beautiful views of the Rhine as the vineyards climb the hills above you. Enjoy small wine-tasting rooms, where you can truly enjoy and fill your appetite with the local wines and foods.

4. Stuttgarter Weindorf

This will be Stuttgart’s 41st wine festival and will be held August 30 through September 10 this year. As one of Germany’s largest weinfeste, the Stuttgart festival is immeasurably beautiful. The city’s centrum becomes a wine village, completely decorated and housing around 120 wine booths, each decorated in traditional decor. Those just wanting to enjoy their wines would greatly enjoy this festival as there are no rides or music so one can peacefully sample and sip their wines.

5. Aachen

Aachen is picturesque town that not only will provide you with ample wine but with a place to soak in hot springs. It’s also known for its Roman spas. The spas are famous for their therapeutic waters and hot springs, and as if that’s not impressive enough, the festival offers over 400 wines to sample from over 20 wineries.

6. Mainzer Weinmarkt

This festival is August 24 through 27 and August 31 through September 3. The wine market has over half a million visitors every year. Visitors enjoy live music while wandering through different arts and craft booths and tasting local cuisine. The city has multiple parks and rose gardens to meander while you sip and enjoy your wines.

7. Weinfest der Mittelmosel in Bernkastel-Kues

Bernkastel-Kues should be on everyone’s travel list. The town is gorgeous, and their wine festival is no exception. The town offers besides the much anticipated wines and foods,  including a wonderful fireworks show from the top of the Landshut Castle and the crowning of the town’s Wine Queen. This festival takes place August 31 to September 4.

8. Trier Wine Festival

Trier hosts it’s wine festival August 4- 7. Visitors can expect live music and delicious foods. The event will be hosted in the Olewig district and is guaranteed to be grand. Trier is Germany’s oldest city and is the home of the original gate to the Roman Empire. Porta Nigra still stands in Trier to this day. It’s breathtaking to walk through and even more so if you climb up into it and explore. This city has a rich history of wine as the Romans began cultivating wines when they inhabited the area.