By J.G. Noll

9 Army/Navy spirit videos that will get you pumped for America’s Game
Photo: US Navy, Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad Runge

It’s Army/Navy Week, and if you didn’t know that, you haven’t been paying attention. Beginning in 1890, the game has become a yearly thrill for football fans– regardless of their team– because it is the last non-bowl game on the schedule in college football. For the military community, the series is a touchstone of friendly (and passionate) rivalry, even for those who did not graduate from either academy.

It’s easy to see why America’s most storied match-up is also America’s Game.  From the crisp uniforms to stirring pregames to the spirit videos, the Army/Navy game is one built on the very traditions of our country.  We’ve collected nine spirit videos from past years to get you ready for the brawl in Baltimore on Saturday.

1. Send in the War Tubas 

2. Where’s Billy?

3. These are not the midshipmen you’re looking for

4. (Party) Rock out with midshipmen

5. We give a ship.

6. Give a truck

7. So that’s how Army throws a football

8. Totally moto

9. Go Army! Go Navy!

The sappy (but patriotic) truth is, no matter the outcome of the game, we’re all on the same team. Enjoy the spectacle on Saturday! Go Army, beat Navy! Go Navy, beat Army!