This tattoo is now good-to-go, Big Blue-style. (Photo: trivo)

Thinking about a tattoo? You might want to think twice . . . and go for a bigger one. Citing the need to attract and retain the best talent, the Air Force has just announced new policies on dress and appearance, ending the “25 percent” rule.

That rule previously prohibited tattoos from covering more than 25 percent of a body part; however, reports that one out of two recruits had unreg tattoos and one out of five required waivers for their tattoos.

New Air Force Tattoo Policy
(Photo: Air Force Public Affairs)

Starting February 1, 2017, tattoo size on arms, backs, chests, and legs will no longer matter. That means that “sleeve” tattoos are now allowable from the shoulder to the wrist– but not the hand. Hand tattoos are prohibited with the exception of one single-band ring tattoo on one finger on one hand. Tattoos on feet and ankles are allowable as well.

Tattoos, brands, and other markings are still prohibited on the head, neck, face, tongue, lips, and scalp. In addition, any markings that are “obscene, commonly associated with gangs, extremist and/or supremacist organizations, or that advocate sexual, racial, ethnic or religious discrimination” are not allowed.