Friday, September 20, 2013

Amy MeehanThank you to Amy who is going to give us a window into her  PCS across the country!  Follow her on MilitaryOneClick live Facebook pictures, posts and tweets as she and her family move from one coast to another.

So, the past three years have flown by and it’s now time to leave beautiful Coronado. It is definitely called the “Crown City” for a reason. Its regal beauty is really quite unparalleled. On the one hand, it is a town filled with opulence, tourists and gorgeous beaches and on the other, it’s a town that is endearing and supportive of its military and overflows with patriotic pride. My family and I got to experience life in the “village” for a year and then we spent the last two years in base housing. The residents in town were warm and welcoming but when our name came up for base housing, we felt like we should take that as an opportunity to be surrounded by fellow military families, particularly since we were about to go through back-to-back deployments. We will certainly miss our “S” block friends and all the wonderful people we met here on the island, but we’re looking forward to our next big adventure in DC!

 photo 2

These past few weeks have been a blur with planning, prepping and, truth be told, procrastinating the inevitable move. Our schedule has been packed with military ceremonies, all the fantastic traditions, fun neighborhood block parties and sentimental dinners to say our goodbyes. We’ve all been so enmeshed in our farewells that we haven’t really given ourselves the chance to think about what lies ahead. I suppose that the next two weeks on the road will give us time to try and foresee the future. If nothing else, it could definitely make for some interesting family conversations!


As I sit down to map out our journey across the country, I am constantly reminded how much work is involved in planning a trip like this. Whether it’s two days or two weeks, there is so much to see and do. I’ve been given this great opportunity by La Quinta Inns & Suites to experience their military rewards program and tell you about locations where we stay along the way.  Thankfully, a great lady named Louise walked me through it and helped me secure the Mosesplace to lay our heads each night as we traverse this beautiful country! She has given me one less headache to deal with! I think that sticking to the same hotel along the way will give our family some consistency during our adventures and the quality of service can’t be beat.  I loved the Find Your Hotel feature on the site with the interactive map to help plan our stops.


I am saddened that our dog, Moses, will not be making this journey with us this time. He was the best traveler and would have enjoyed the ride, as well as the hotel doggie perks and the new house. However, he was born in San Diego and it seems that he was meant to stay there. Perhaps the children will convince us to consider another pet during the days ahead.


First stop: Sedona. I can’t wait to see how the sunlight hits the red sandstone formations! Now if only I could figure out this digital camera. Good thing I’ve got a few hours to kill on the road to read the manual! 


I was offered the opportunity to check out La Quinta Inns & Suites and use my new La Quinta Military Rewards Program during my cross-country PCS move.  My reviews will be honest and my opinions, my own.


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