Military Spouse, Amy Meehan is Facebook and tweeting live while PCS'ing across America
Amy Meehan

Thank you to Amy who gave us a window into her  PCS across the country!  It was awesome to follow her as she and her family moved from one coast to another.


Well, I can’t believe our cross-country trip has already come and gone. We had a wonderful time and are eternally grateful to La Quinta Inns & Suites for providing our family with consistent great service and cozy quarters throughout our travels. We always received a clean room with a comfortable bed and warm breakfast in the morning. Not to mention that it was a nice bonus to get the children in the pool for a pre-bedtime dip to burn off some energy after a long day in the car! 


While we were driving across the country I realized how lucky we are to visit different, unique places in the United States. When you PCS, you have so many options to choose from when it comes to your route and what you want to see. There were so many destinations I wanted to check out and landmarks I wanted to see, but that could have taken months! Taking a week turned out to be the right choice so that the interim between schools wasn’t too long for our children. Regardless, though, we had many funny moments and we made memories that we’ll cherish forever. And now that it’s all done, we can laugh at the near catastrophes like when we realized we had left electronics at our last hotel and when we panicked thinking that we had misplaced our son’s mouth retainers that the orthodontist just molded for him! 

Photo: We arrived in this beautiful desert oasis in time to capture the light hitting the rocks at sunset. Check out the view from our La Quinta Inns & Suites room – pretty terrific!
Sedona, AZ


It was fun taking photos and posting them on social media because we felt like our family, friends and any interested MOC members got to “virtually” visit the places we were going. I hope you enjoyed our posts along the way.  We made these travel plans with the expectations that the hotel of choice would provide a clean, safe and fun environment for our family and when it includes a four-legged family member too, La Quinta Inns & Suites was great on all counts. They also have a military rewards program and trust me when I tell you, not everyone does this nowadays. The benefit is so important to us as a military family.  It’s wonderful when you find establishments that acknowledge the sacrifices we make, like packing up the last three years of our lives and moving at the start of the school year because my husband’s orders are up. 


So, one chapter now ends and another begins for us. We would like to offer a heartfelt thanks to MilitaryOneClick for this wonderful opportunity during our permanent change of station! Next stop:  Washington, DC!

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