This Is The App That Busy Breastfeeding Moms Need
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The Breastfeeding Shop APP:  4 Things I Loved, and 4 Things I’d Like to Change

There is so much potential in the Breastfeeding Shop app.  This is a good value to busy moms, and a great start on giving breastfeeding moms the info they need.

Best feature:

The best feature about  is the pump reminder notification. I know that when I was winding down breastfeeding with my oldest, I would sometimes go too long between pumping. That only decreased my supply in the long run. Having a reminder would have been great!

Things I loved:

A great feature of The Breastfeeding Shop app is the baby sounds recorder. I love to capture the little noises my baby makes throughout the day. All those little giggles, coos, and early words are just too cute! Having a stash of those sweet sounds makes it easier to pump when I’m away from my baby. Sometimes, getting a full let-down is hard without the physical connection to my baby. When that happens, or if I’m stressed while pumping, playing his little noises relaxes me. That makes pumping so much easier and more productive!

Things I liked:

  1. The ease of ordering my prescribed breast pump. Within the app, it opens the Breastfeeding Shop’s order form webpage. I’m able to upload my prescription and enter all of my information right there. I can download the prescription form directly from their app and send it to an email address or I can quickly text it to myself or my spouse. Super simple!
  2. The easier option, for me at least, was to have The Breastfeeding Shop call my PCM directly to confirm the prescription. Breastfeeding Shop customer service is amazing.
  3. Ease of ordering accessory kits. Having the extra tubing, flanges, and storage bags is great! Those things are harder to find sometimes, and I don’t always like to order from a big-box retailer.
  4. The sleep tracker is a great feature for moms and dads who are watching the clock. If they know the exact time, down to the second, that their baby finally nodded off, this part is easy. They’ll be able to quickly input the sleep duration in minutes and seconds.


  1. Downside of the reorder feature is that you can’t see what’s included in each package. If it’s been a while between orders, I need to go back to the full site and double check which option I needed. And If I send via the prescription via email, I would still need to print, complete, and scan the form to attach it via the online order form.
  2. For exclusive breast-feeders (no bottles), instead of manually inputting the date, time, and duration, I would prefer to have a stopwatch like function and be able to just push a button.
  3. Before I can save a feed, I need to add the feed quantity. Babies are iffy with exactly how much they are drinking and my breasts don’t come with a meter to track exact ounces produced or consumed. My inputs are a best guess. To be truly functional, this section of the app needs to change the timing feature and remove the ounces fed section. At the very least, the ounces fed section should be optional.
  4. Double pump feature would be ideal! The stopwatch function is added to the tracking feature, but you can only track pumping on one breast at a time.

Things to note:  

While The Breastfeeding Shop doesn’t carry the Medela brand milk storage bags, the Kiinde bags do work with Medela pumps! Their universal design makes it easy to pump directly into the storage bag. It’s less mess and less work. That makes it perfect for busy moms with not one second to spare.

Special for the bottle feeder:  

For moms who pump to bottle feed, the feeding tracker is amazing! Babies can be finicky at feeding time, taking a full bottle here or just a few sips there. For bottle fed babies, breast milk or formula, having a tracking system will make it easier for all caregivers to stay on the same page.

Overall, this app has some good functionality. I like the ease of ordering right in the app. And preserving all my baby’s sounds is just amazing. I just wish that the breastfeeding and pumping trackers were a little more functional for busy breastfeeding moms.  The app can be purchased through Android and  iOS

By Meg Flanagan

Meg is a busy, nursing military spouse and a mother of two young children. This was her first foray into using any app to track her nursing. She used the Breastfeeding Shop app from the time of its release in Fall 2017 until about 3 months ago, when her youngest stopped nursing.