We live in an exciting time to be a milspouse. Even five years ago, work from home jobs seemed sketchy and often were scams that fleeced the unlucky people who tried them on for size. Now, work from home positions are plentiful and offered by legitimate companies and organizations. As military spouses, we finally have a way to start and keep a career or a job. It means more financial stability for our families, a new-found sense of self-worth for ourselves, and the ability to positively contribute with our skills and abilities.


There are many possibilities for work from home jobs– you just need to know yourself and know where to look.

Would I excel at a work from home job?

It’s a basic question, but an important one. If you know that you can get up every day, organize your own time and get things done well and on-time, you are a perfect fit for this kind of work modality. If you know you’ll never get out of bed– much less take a shower and put on pants– you need more structure and a work from home job might not be for you.

How much time do I have?

This is especially important if you’re looking for a part-time position. Know how much time you can allot to the job and what time constraints you do have. While it might limit your initial job search, its better to find a job that fits your lifestyle than feeling like you can’t deliver on what you promised.

How flexible is this job?

Military spouses often shoulder extra familial responsibilities when their spouses are deployed, training, or otherwise away. Can you create your own schedule or are the times you must work more rigid?

How legit is this organization?

Even though there are a cornucopia of options for legitimate work from home jobs, there are also still some sleazy individuals who are just trying to make a buck… off of you. Do your research and know if the opportunities you’re looking at are backed by upstanding businesses/organizations. If a work from home opportunity comes up that requires money up front, it’s a scam. If the organization doesn’t want you to sign a contract, beware. If you’re never given tax forms to fill out and are expected to accept the money “under the table,” watch out. Trust your gut if things seem shady.


Is this job military-friendly?

It’s a worry that keeps many military spouses from answering that hated interview question, “So, what brought you here?” Generally speaking, work from home jobs are more understanding of family circumstances because they can be done from anywhere at virtually any time. Still,  you’ll want to know– even just for your own peace of mind– if your employer understands (or at least can work with) the challenges that being a military family entails.

Looking for a job?  This one isn’t completely “work from home” but it is still flexible and super rewarding!

If you want to work for a military-friendly employer and help military families move into your area, we want you to apply to become a Customer Advocate Representative. Our partners newly created CAR position helps military families move with ease and the presence of mind that there is another military-affiliated person looking out for them.

Job Description:

  • Develop rapport and credibility with customer
  • Identify customer’s needs and communicate with onsite crews and home office to drive a quality experience that exceeds customer’s expectations
  • Follow training and standards to ensure consistency
  • Participate in periodic quality analytics review
  • Provide minimal hands on involvement during packing and/or delivery and work with crew leader and home office
  • Understand move process, documentation, claims overview provide explanations to customer
  • Maintain awareness of customer’s level of satisfaction
  • Interact with service crews to insure high quality service delivery
  • Purchase meals and refreshments (if appropriate) for service crew members


  • Excellent customer service skills with positive “can do” attitude
  • Personal smartphone and internet access required
  • Basic computer skills
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Reliable transportation and appropriate insurance required (must be able to travel by car – 60 mile radius)
  • Must be able to pass criminal background check and drug screen
  • Former military member or spouse preferred
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships with military members and service providers
  • Exhibit initiative and work independently; interpersonal skills

Availability in following locations:

Alabama-Birmingham, Montgomery

California-Fresno, Ft. Irwin, Monterey, Sacramento




Kansas—Fort Leavenworth, Fort Riley

Louisiana-Ft. Polk





Nevada-Las Vegas

New York-Fort Drum/Watertown

North Dakota-Minot AFB


Rhode Island-Providence

Texas—El Paso and Houston

Utah-Salt Lake City




We want you! Apply by submitting your cover letter and resume to