Moving Day

It’s PCS time!  Thank you to our guest blogger Rebekah Spotts for this post!

Maybe…maybe…maybe not.  Apparently the higher one goes in this organization, the less choice one has.  Alaska was out.  Even after deciding we could make it work, though not settling on how we would do that, my husband took a “professional hit” and turned down the cutter.  Suggesting to the detailer that he would go out there and live on the cutter should we not accompany him (not unheard of), was not what the detailer wanted to hear.  “That’s not the place to be a geo bachelor.”  Did I mention the Alaska assignment was a cutter on an island in Alaska?   We were still going back and forth (thought to be honest, the thought of moving the kids to be together as a family when my husband was going to be gone for over 180 days a year seemed sort of “not the point.”), but the detailers words resonated with my husband.  How would the crew feel to have a Commanding Officer living onboard 24×7?  How would he feel?  When could he get off the island and get back to see his family?  And…he turned down the job.


Now what?


Back to that lovely state of waiting.  There weren’t many choices for him.  Saudi Arabia (definitely geographical bachelor), Bahrain…ditto, DC area (who wants to go to Headquarters, he’s got that for sure), California (no, that wasn’t even on his “dream sheet”), and a couple of long shots.   Not liking ambiguity, I decided that he would surely get one of the DC jobs.  The kids would stay in their school, we could buy a house and everything would be great!  Sometimes I like living in “la la land”  where everything works out as I feel it should and I don’t need to think about the “what if’s.”  Heck, I even started looking at real estate and found some really lovely places where we could finally settle.  I mean, honestly, in my head he would take the for sure DC job, finish up his CG career, retire in the area and get one of those contractor jobs that everyone here gets post-retirement.  I could establish myself as school volunteer of the year which would of course turn into a full time job, the kids would have a solid group of friends, continue their activities here, go to college.  Perhaps I was getting ahead of myself, but I love how things work out…in my head.


Then the phone call…California…Kah-lee-four-knee-ah…CALIFORNIA???  Looks like we’re moving.




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