Thank you to our guest blogger, Rebekah Spotts, for sharing her story with us!  It will touch everyone of you.

Assignment Season:  Two words that I dread.  For the last 23 years I have been affiliated with the Coast Guard in some capacity…cadet, active duty officer, and now military spouse.  With certainty I can tell you Assignment Season does not get easier.  In September, my husband, with 24 years of active duty, got selected for promotion.  We then had days to put together his “e-resume” and wait.  My natural reaction is to give my input and then not think about it until the detailer calls.  However, this time all I did was think about it.
A Coast Guard wife explains why she dreads Assignment Season.

Since my daughter was born, he has been the absent father.  Not by his choice, but as he has said with assignments through the years, “they don’t call them invitations, they call them orders.”  When she was born, he was on a cutter (a ship), he then went to a staff job (long days and a hell of a commute so we didn’t have to move), followed by a year in Haiti (leaving when my son was 5 months old), only to return to sea.  These are not jobs in Iraq or Afghanistan but absence is absence and it still impacts the kids.  In fact, we were so used to him being gone that when he was sent to this job in the DC area, we were not going to go.  His plan was to live in someone’s basement and come home once a month or so.  After much debate (during the dreaded Assignment Season), we decided to move from our beloved home.  That was a little over a year ago and now it’s happening again!  You’d think I’d be used to it, but honestly, it doesn’t get easier…

In early September when we were going through “the list,” the kids were okay in school, neither overly excited, nor dreading it so we were quite open to possibilities of locations and then something happened.  We actually felt settled.

A Coast Guard wife explains why she dreads Assignment Season.

I remember when it happened.  My son was playing soccer on a Saturday morning and I looked around the field.  My 8 year old was entertaining a player’s sibling with her drawings and craft work, my 4 year old was on the field, there was teamwork, high fives and happiness, and my husband?  He was coaching!

The funny thing is, my husband felt it too, but we didn’t say anything.  For weeks we avoided talk of the next assignment and then the detailer called (at 0602 on a Monday morning).  They offered him what really was a dream job, command of a cutter…in Alaska.  All of a sudden we both got cold feet.  Discussions ensued, tears happened, stones were thrown and in the end, we decided we could “make it work.”  Maybe I’d move the kids to Alaska, maybe he’d live on the cutter and we’d visit, maybe I’d head back to New Hampshire with the kids, maybe we’d stay here, maybe…