Are you a childfree military spouse?

The military spouse faces many challenges that are unique to their lifestyle. However, what many don’t realize is that those of us who are childfree face challenges are that are unique to us, just like those of you with children do.

Many people don’t realize the reality of being a military spouse without children. Let me explain. Being childfree can actually oftentimes make it more difficult to make friends at a new unit. The majority of couples have children, and we don’t have that “in” for different activities. We can also feel left out a lot of times because we don’t share that bond of parenthood with the rest of the spouses around us.

It does happen that we are looked down on because of our childfree status. More often than not though, it’s a feeling of being left out when the “family” talk comes up among the unit for activities, morale events, etc. There are rarely times when an event or unit activity is geared towards adults, and not towards families with children. This is not a bad thing, it is great that units are family-oriented. But, for those of us who don’t have children, it tends to leave us on the outskirts of things at times.

Another reality for us is the questions and/or comments. I am personally so used to them, I just answer them quickly and move on. But, one thing you should know, not everyone is childfree by choice. For those who it was not a choice, those questions and comments can be a painful thing to sit through.

We all face our own struggles, especially in this military life we live. We need to be there for each other and support each other. Everyone’s situation is different. Those who are childfree just have an extra set of hurdles oftentimes, and people don’t always see that. It is important for all of us to come together and be there for each other.

Do you have any tips for the childfree spouse?