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Daddy DeployedFirst, they are often deployed, in small rooms shared with other dads, or travel a lot and really don’t have room for more “stuff.” When they aren’t deployed, time is stretched to its maximum between work, home, sometimes school, or other “extras.” You love him. Frankly you’d love to be extravagant, but the budget is as limited as the time and space. How do you love on the military dad in your life during this season of dad celebrations?

Give him  a token of your love and appreciation. As military spouses, many of us have been given jewelry representing our spouses’ jobs and we keep little treasures with us when we are apart. Give your husband or dad a little something he can keep in his wallet or pocket. Make it a truly personal token. Online shops such as let you order small metal hearts or ovals with your or your kids’ individual thumbprints. While deeply sentimental, it’s not mushy so he won’t mind the guys around him seeing him tuck it close.

Between deployments, TDYs, workups, PCSs, and long days at work, time is a precious commodity for military dads. Give him a way to maximize that time. Every day, you can find dozens of local deals on tickets, excursions, experiences, and even classes. Sign up together to learn a new hobby or try a new sport. Especially with the daily coupons, it doesn’t have to cost much. The gift is in the memory. Take it over the top with a night away!

Give him a project. To be fair, not too many guys are going to get excited about another to do on the honey do list, but if you have aDad and Son deployment or long separation on the horizon, the supplies for a new hobby or project might be rather timely. Anything from learning a new language or taking up guitar to picking up graphic design or writing computer programs. Look for books, CDs, DVDs, apps, and software that can walk him through his new skill. Don’t forget to purchase the basic items he needs! The gift of filled-up free time and personal growth is one he won’t forget for a long time.

Sometimes with military dads, you have to get creative. Their lives are busy, stressful, and often nomadic, but with a bit of personalization and research, you can let him know how much you appreciation him!


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