I love this post from USAA.  I knew nothing about how to save money when I met my husband 21 years ago.  I knew how to spend for sure, but not save.  Thankfully, his dad taught him well.  He has “donated” to his TSP from day one.  We both have IRAs, etc.  Now, do I think we are on our way to being multimillionaires when he retires in the next few years?  Nope, but then again, what do I know? ~ Danya

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‎02-08-2016 07:40 AM

Content provided courtesy of USAA.

By Joseph “J.J.” Montanaro, Certified Financial Planner


Here’s a question to motivate you as we begin a new year: Can you retire from the military as a multimillionaire?

If you want to have any hope of doing just that, you should think about the two big factors that could come into play. First, there’s the military retirement check that’s long been a staple of military compensation. The second factor comes in the form of investing for retirement.

A review of the DoD Stat Book a couple of days ago got me thinking about the possibility. With all the changes in the works for military retirement and a son just launching his military life, I had the incentive I needed to spend a little extra time on the subject.

retire #milfamily Can you retire from the military as a millionaire? @USAA @military1click”]

My conclusion: Financial freedom may be well within the grasp of those that serve our country, even if it’s not the primary reason they do what they do.

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