Thank you Bobbi Pack from MyMilitarySavings for this great Mother’s Day blog!


My husband has done two deployments and both of them were during the month of May.  It is so hard to celebrate any holiday with him gone, but at least with the others I can purchase the gifts and make all the arrangements.  But, with Mother’s Day I don’t want to do anything but feel special, put my feet up and relax.  However, many times the Army needed him and so I was alone with my kiddos on Mother’s Day.  So, I basically have two choices in this matter…


1. Sit in a dark room and feel sorry for myself


2. I can make my own party and Rock It Out!


I think I will go with number two…that sounds so much more appealing.  Here are a few suggestion to help you plan your Mother’s Day while your spouse is away:


Have Fun! The best thing you can do is have a blast! Don’t even think about cooking breakfast…Nope..Nope…Nope! You are going out mama.  Get the kiddos in the mini-van and get on the road to your favorite restaurant.  I always take the kiddos to IHOP for breakfast…I love their pancakes…YUMMY!


Be Thankful! Remember, depending on the ages of your kiddos you may not be getting those diamond earrings this year.  Although, my son asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day one year, and I jokingly showed him a photo of a diamond bracelet….guess what this mama received?…A beautiful handcrafted colorful bracelet…I am so lucky!

Bobbi's Mother's Day Bracelet


Decorate With Them! OK, my kiddos are 13 and 10 so they can decorate on their own, but if yours are not as old…don’t be scared to decorate the house with them.  Get on the road to the Dollar Store, spend $20 on decorations, go home, put on some bumping music, and have some fun!


Invite Others! I bet you are not the only spouse on your block that is spending Mother’s Day without their spouse.  So, why not call them up and invite them over for an afternoon of BBQ, slip-n-slide, crafts and fun! Ask them to bring a side dish so you are not doing all the cooking and let lose a little!


Get Dirty! Don’t be scared to get a little glue on your hands or a splatter of paint in your hair…get some craft items out and play with the kiddos! This can be a ton of fun and you will make a lasting memory you can keep forever.


Games Anyone? Once the BBQ is over and everyone has gone home for the night bust out those games, get in your jammies and have some fun.  Don’t forget the popcorn…extra butter please!


Snuggle Time! OK, all is said and done and you all are beat from a long day of FUN!….Grab those blankets, snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.  Sometimes this is the best part of Mother’s Day getting to see my kiddos next to me, smiling, giggling and telling me how much fun they had.


Deployments are hard on everyone, but deployments over holidays add an extra sting to the cut.  You don’t need to cry or worry, you can make Mother’s Day fun and maybe for a few hours forget about the deployment and smile.


Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

Bobbi at Disney


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