Celebrating your anniversary when your spouse is deployed may involve a little creativity and adjusting the date of celebration. 

Military life doesn’t take anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and any other special celebrations into account. But, you can “sort of” work around them.

Just because your spouse is deployed on your anniversary, doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t celebrate. There is no need to stay indoors and do nothing. Get up, get out, celebrate, and have some fun! 

YES! You can celebrate your anniversary when they are deployed. And you should!

If your spouse is going to be deployed on your anniversary, consider celebrating before or after the deployment. I know, celebrating your anniversary three months ahead of time or three months after was never in the plan. 

When deciding to celebrate before or after the deployment, consider your spouse’s departure and return date. Which date will be closer to your actual anniversary date? And will it work with both of your schedules?

Just because your spouse is deployed on your actual anniversary date, doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate on your special day. You may not be celebrating together, but you can most certainly enjoy the day.

Even though your spouse is deployed, you can give them a little gift on your anniversary. Slip a special gift in their bag. Mark it with, “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL OUR ANNIVERSARY.” You can make it as elaborate or simple as you’d like. A couple of ideas for you:

  • A photo album with photos and special notes makes a lovely gift
  • A special goodie box – Fill a box with all of your spouse’s FAVORITE snacks. Yes, make sure this one has a little extra in it, it’s for a special day. 
  • Remember that they are deployed. You may not want to send anything expensive or something that can be damaged, etc.

Don’t forget about celebrating your anniversary for yourself. 

Of course, you may miss your spouse and not want to celebrate. But remember, they want you to enjoy this special day.

Get dressed up, step out that door, and enjoy yourself. Celebrate LOVE!

  • Head out for a nice lunch or dinner with friends 
  • Hit the town. Go out and see the sights
  • Plan a day with friends. A day that you can laugh and have fun
  • Set up a romantic evening for yourself. Light some candles, run yourself a nice warm bath. Relax

And hey! Tell your spouse what you’d like them to arrange before they deploy. There is nothing wrong with dropping direct hints. “Hey, babe! You will be deployed during our anniversary. I would love a massage and a nice dinner out at my favorite restaurant. I would love for you to grab gift certificates for me so I can go out and enjoy our special day.”

Dropping this direct hint will help them know you will be ok and not too sad on your anniversary.

I know, I know. It’s not the same as celebrating with your spouse. But getting out of the house and being occupied will help ease missing them on your anniversary.