By Julie Provost

January is almost here and with a near year brings a new desire to better oneself. Joining a good gym and finding the right fitness program is the best way to achieve your goals. There are some great health discounts available to military families. Save yourself some cash, ring in the new year right, and work towards the best shape of your life.


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The YMCA is a community centered non-profit. Each YMCA might be a little different in what they provide, but you can usually find a gym, fitness classes and childcare. Some locations also have a pool, an indoor track, and community events. The YMCA sometimes offers a discount on enrollment or monthly fees. You will need to contact your local YMCA to find out exactly what they offer in your area. They also offer what is called the “Military Outreach” program. This provides memberships and respite child care to some members of the military. Visit their website to see if you qualify.

Gold’s Gym

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With more than 3 million members, this gym offers workout opportunities as well as many different fitness classes. They do offer a military discount: sign up for $49 and also receive 20% off dues every month. The discount is available to active and veteran military personnel and may vary by location. Make sure to give your local Gold’s Gym a call to find out what they have going on.

24 Hour Fitness

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24 Hour Fitness is is the world’s largest privately owned and operated fitness center chain. Gyms include a workout area, personal training, studio classes, kid’s club and more . They offer 10% off for active duty, reservists and spouses as well as free days such as Memorial Day or Veterans Day. They have 400 locations nationwide.

Planet Fitness

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Planet Fitness is a low-cost fitness center with exercise equipment and fitness instructors. Active duty military can cancel or freeze memberships without penalty if the member is being deployed. There are about 1,000 Planet Fitness locations throughout the United States. They are also open 24 hours.

Beach Body

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Beach Body is a direct sales, MLM company that focuses on workout videos and products to improve your health. You can work the business from home as a coach and they offer a military discount for those wishing to get started. If you are active duty, the spouse of someone who is active duty, a reservist or National Guard, have been wounded in action, are the spouse or partner of a United States military service member lost or killed in action, or an honorably discharged veteran of the United States military, then you will receive a waiver for the monthly Coach Business service fee. Brand new coaches who can receive the waiver will receive a refund of their Coach Business starter kit as well.


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CrossFit is a training philosophy where coaches will work with all types of people to help them achieve better health and fitness through aerobic and anaerobic exercises. CrossFit is very different from your typical gym and will provide you with varied and challenging workouts as well as a place to find community. With 13,000 affiliates worldwide, check to see if your local affiliate offers a military discount. Many of them do. They also have military affiliations on bases which are free of charge for active military and government employees.

Weight Crafters

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Weight Crafters/CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Adults gives people the opportunity to accomplish their weight loss and fitness goals. They offer nutritional meals, sound and effective exercise, and positive life coaching and encouragement. The camp is in Madeira Beach, Florida and they offer a 5% military discount for active duty, reserves ,and veterans.

Locally Owned Gyms

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If you have any independently owned gyms or fitness programs nearby, check to see if they have any discounts for military families.