Christmastime more than any other time of the year seems to be filled with tradition. There are cultural traditions for the holidays. There are family traditions. Even different cities have different traditions during the holidays. Society has traditions that mark the holiday season. Everywhere you look, there are traditions of some kind taking place and being celebrated at this time of year.

There are the lights, the trees, the sales, the gifts, the parties, the treats – all traditions across the country, even across the world. Some families go all out and give a lot of gifts, some just give one or two special ones. Some families have the tradition of matching pajamas for Christmas morning, or movies they watch every Christmas Eve. Some go to church, some celebrate by throwing a big party.

In my family we always got to open one present on Christmas Even before bed. Then Christmas morning we started off with opening our stockings. Mom made cinnamon rolls, and then we opened the rest of our presents. We often stayed in our pajamas all day as well, just because we could.

Does your family have any holiday traditions? What about your current city?