How many times have you walked into your kitchen to see your kids or spouse standing with the refrigerator wide open?

I don’t mean the simple open, scan, and select their beverage or food choice. I mean, when they stand there staring at the options like something is going to appear magically. Naw….what you see is what you get.

CLOSE my darn fridge!

Every afternoon my kids walk in from school, open the refrigerator, stare and sometimes begin a whole conversation with someone in the house. My husband does the same thing. SMH


Our refrigerator has the beeper thingy that lets you know the door is open (in case the door isn’t closed.) Does that noise bother anyone? Nope! They continue standing there with the door wide open.

Are you trying to cool the house? What are you looking for? You just looked in the fridge, nothing has changed.

They swear they can’t find the cheese sticks, don’t see their beverage of choice, etc. But, hmm…….I can put my hands right on it. Ok, sometimes there’s NOT anything in the fridge. But if you see that, CLOSE my darn fridge!

Does your family stand with the fridge open searching and searching?