I never thought I could be so angry about a broken drawer. That is, until I was standing at the end of our UHaul truck, looking at a drawer that had fallen out of the back and smashed on the pavement below.

I wasn’t angry at my husband.

I wasn’t angry at myself.

I was just angry.

I bent over and started picking up the broken shards of an IKEA drawer. It came from my TV console– a piece of furniture I brought with me from my apartment. I had been so proud to buy it and furnish my apartment on my own. And now part of it was busted–basically sawdust– on the pavement.

The Colossal List of PCS Resources and Advice from Military Spouses

We hadn’t unpacked anything else yet from our cavernous truck for our DITY (PPM) move. And to be honest, I was nervous. Really, really nervous of what we might find as we began setting up our new apartment.

Later, I realized that every PCS— no matter if you’re headed 2 hours up the interstate (like we were) or halfway around the globe, if you’re doing it by yourself or having help– every single PCS has it’s own obstacles and unique challenges.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of been-there-done-that-got-the-PCS-binder-to-prove-it advice and inspiration from military spouse writers who have experienced it all– from messy start to messy finish.

General PCS Information and Help

Moving the Fridge

It’s something that many military families forget about until it’s too late: the fridge. Perishable foods are expensive when you’ve got to throw it all away… and they add up when you have to replace them later. Bobbi shares a quick post on how to keep food costs low in the final days before a PCS.


It seems natural that the Hippy Milspouse would offer calming mantras for those of us experiencing a little bit of PCSing anxiety. Breathe in. Breathe out. Then check out Kara’s list of 10 affirmations and mantras for moving.The Colossal List of PCS Resources and Advice from Military Spouses

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PCSing With Children

Talking to Kids

Kara, from Ramblings of a Marine Wife, shares her best advice when it comes to moving with kids. Kara’s children were very young when they moved to Okinawa, so their move back to the States was fraught with a little more anxiety and (a lot more!) questions. “I think if you include them and let them know what’s going on, it will be an easier transition for everyone,” says Kara. Read more here.

The Colossal List of PCS Resources and Advice from Military Spouses

PCSing While Homeschooling

Military families often homeschool so that their children have a smooth academic  transition from move to move. It can be tough for students going to public schools to have the same kind of continuity… but what happens when homeschooled children have to PCS across the country or the world? Jennifer offers tips in this post, which she uses with  her four young children, as they tackle school on the road.

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The Colossal List of PCS Resources and Advice from Military Spouses

Going Overseas

Need Help Deciding?

Julie, an Army wife and blogger at Soldier’s Wife Crazy Life, has an emphatic post about why you absolutely should say yes to an OCONUS PCS to Germany.”It’s been five years since we moved back to the states and because of that I can look back and see Germany for what it was. An experience. A sometimes really amazing one. A sometimes really frustrating one. But it is an experience I will always be thankful for.” If you need help deciding what orders to accept, read Julie’s post before you make your decision.

The Colossal List of PCS Resources and Advice from Military Spouses

Overseas Checklist

If it looks like you’ve got an overseas move coming soon, you’ll want to save this post from Lauren Tamm of The Military Wife and Mom. Currently living overseas, Lauren knows exactly what it’s like to pack everything up and move halfway across the world. She’s created a checklist for others so that you’ve got exactly what you need with you.

The Colossal List of PCS Resources and Advice from Military Spouses

South Korea Checklist

Tiffany’s husband spent a year geo-baching in South Korea and Tiffany has shared their packing list with her blog. She writes, “I’m writing this post for anyone else who is preparing for a move to South Korea. Your destination, housing, or packing list might not be exactly the same, but I hope this gives you a better idea of what’s ahead, helps you plan, and even reminds you of a few things you might have forgotten to pack otherwise.”

Express Shipping

And while we’re talking about overseas PCSing, let’s talk about unaccompanied baggage and some of the nitty-gritty details that confuse and worry people new to OCONUS PCSing. Mrs. B from The World Traveling Military Family has moved her family all over the world and knows exactly how to make it all happen smoothly. She’s sharing her tips on how to use Express Shipping and a list of what her family always sends ahead.

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Unique PCS Situations

Moving With Pets

PCSing and traveling with pets can often be a confusing headache: “Whether it’s a dog, cat or that fish your child just can’t bare to part with, military families often have to make arrangements to travel with their furry or scaly friends.” Sarah shares her tips for making the trip and transition as easy as possible.

The Colossal List of PCS Resources and Advice from Military Spouses

PCSing While Pregnant

“I was normally the one who knew where everything was and when we would unpack I would have a plan of where everything was going, even before seeing the house. This time, I was not that girl. I just had to be honest with my husband. Since I was pregnant I couldn’t unpack everything I normally did. I needed his help…” Read more of Tara’s honest and helpful post here.

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