Do you often find yourself alone?

In this military lifestyle, it sometimes feels like we are left on our own more often than we are actually with our spouses. It can be tough to deal with. We miss them. We are left to handle the realities of day to day life all on our own. One thing that can make this alone time easier, is becoming comfortable with your own company.

When I was younger, this is something I really struggled with. I had a hard time being alone, not so much at home, but in public. I couldn’t handle eating alone in a restaurant or going to the movies by myself. Even doing things like shopping alone was a struggle. Then I was thrown into this lifestyle where I was alone, a lot. That meant that if I wanted to go out to eat, or see a movie, or go shopping, generally I was alone.

By forcing myself to do those things, I learned that there’s nothing wrong with being alone. There nothing wrong with enjoying things on your own. I used to feel like people were judging me when I went to a restaurant by myself. Then I came to realize that nobody cares. Nobody cares if you are sitting there enjoying dinner and a drink by yourself. Nobody cares if you are sitting at the movies by yourself.

Learning to be comfortable with and enjoy your own company is a big step. But, in this life, it can be a very necessary one as well. It can make those times apart a little bit less lonely, and a little bit easier to handle if you can be comfortable with your own company.

Are you comfortable being alone? Or do you struggle with doing things by yourself?