By Team MOC

This weekend, the Marine Corps and wider military community, was rocked by an article first published on The War Horse. A Facebook group, Marines United, with more than 30,000 active duty and veteran men had shared and commented on pictures of female Marines. All of the photos had been used without their permission or consent. Some had been copied from social media, others sent in as “revenge porn” from ex-partners, and still others were taken without their knowledge and then shared on a Google drive. Some women were identified by name, rank, and current location. Comments–that included violent rape threats–were posted by men affiliated with the military community.  NCIS is currently investigating.

Critics claim the Marine Corps’ response hasn’t been forceful enough, but the Corps’ leadership said they are concerned about impacting the legal side of things — fallout from what happened when Gen. Amos was Commandant and he made candid statements on the record that later came up during a UCMJ proceeding.

Here is the response from Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Neller: