Marine Corp 1 and wife
Photo courtesy of Sgt. Gabriela Garcia CMC Official Photographer

Congratulations to the Commandant and First Lady of The Marine Corps, General and Mrs. Amos on their final OCONUS mission thanking their Marines around the world.

These photos are of General Amos, Mrs. Amos and crew landing at Joint Base Andrews with the traditional “wetting down.”  Thanks to Joint Base Andrews Fire Department and VR-1 Star Lifters providing such a spectacular final flight.

General Amos, the 35th Commandant of the Marine Corps is retiring this week after serving our Country faithfully for over 30 years.   His wife, The First Lady of the Marine Corps, Mrs. Bonnie Amos is a tireless advocate for military spouses, traveled often to thank troops and their families around the world and is currently preparing for their 30th and final move.

From our team of military spouses stationed around the world – we want to wish you both Fair Winds and Following Seas…Semper Fidelis

final flight1[1]


Featured photo courtesy of

Sgt. Gabriela Garcia

CMC Official Photographer

Washington, D.C.