Being a mother of teens can be tricky. Some days they are an open book, and other days they are tight as a clam.

Figuring out the balance of getting them to open up is trial and error. One thing that I’ve found to help is letting them know that they have other adults in their lives to talk with.

Who are these people you ask? Grandparents and close friends of ours. These individuals are people we trust to guide our children in the same way we would. These individuals are also people who would alert us with any concerns.

I know you’re wondering how we would handle a situation if we were alerted with a concern. You do NOT reveal your source. That’s a major no, no. Find a way to talk about an event that took place around the issue or situation, preferably a few days after you’ve been told (if possible, that depends on the situation). Make it a general conversation and watch for body language.

We all want to believe our teens should be comfortable with talking about things and that they share everything with us. If we think back to our teen years, we didn’t share everything with our parents.

The important thing is for them to know they have someone to go to when needed. If your teen isn’t comfortable talking to you about something, who do you think they talk to?