Military wife raelynn
(Photo: Joseph Llanes)

By Amy Bushatz,

Country music star RaeLynn has recently joined the ranks of military spouses — and said she has found nothing but support.

“Everything has been very, very positive,” she told me in a recent interview. “I haven’t met any negative Nancys.”

Since announcing early this year that her husband, Josh Davis, was joining she said she has received plenty of comments from other military spouses via her Instagram page as well as in person from fans as she tours. And they have had great advice, she said.

“Everyone has just said there’s going to be rough days and there’s going to be great days,” she said. “They say there’s going to be a ‘new normal.’”

RaeLynn asked me not to discuss which service her husband joined or what he plans to do there as a matter of personal security, she said — something we know all military wives can appreciate. She said they really grappled with whether or not to announce Josh was joining at all, but wanted to preempt any rumors about why he will seldom be joining her on the red carpet or at other events going forward.

“My husband is a very quiet guy. And he said ‘I don’t want people to think I’m going to be in the military to get attention,’” she said. “But the more I thought it, I thought ‘babe, I’m going to do red carpets without you … I don’t want people to make speculations that aren’t true when you’re doing something so noble.’”

A happy side effect of telling the world about Josh’s decision is the number of other spouses with whom she’s been able to connect.

“I think [talking about it] is the smart thing because I’ve had so many military wives come up to me saying … there’s a community of us that are going to help you,” she said. “That meant a lot to me because at first I was like ‘am I sharing too much?’”

RaeLynn got her big break on season two of The Voice and you may have heard her 2014 hit “God Made Girls,” or her most recent single “Love Triangle.” Her full length debut album “Wildhorse” will release March 24.

Joining the military wasn’t always a part of the couple’s plans, she said. But when a very specific billet came through, Josh jumped on the opportunity. She said she struggles with many of the same emotions we know all military spouses go through as they learn how to handle separation and deployments. With a brother in the Army who was unable to attend her 2016 wedding, RaeLynn said she’s had a taste of some of the realities military life can bring.

“My reaction was probably like any other wife — I was very upset and concerned. It’s not really because I was scared of him not being safe. Josh is my everything, he’s my best friend,” she said. “But when I was talking to Josh about it, the more we talked about it I know as a wife I have to support him. He supports me in everything I do as an artist. I’m just lucky to be able to be married to him.”

RaeLynn says they currently don’t see the military as a truly longterm career decision for Josh, and plan to geobach for now while she continues to live in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I’m going to stay mostly in Nashville because that’s where I have to be. When he has time off we’re going to take a look at my schedule and make sure I have time off,” she said. “I already went in knowing that there are things I have to sacrifice for him. … My marriage means more than anything to me.”

While she said she’s sure her military life will be inspiration for her music, she also said she’s excited about ways she may be able to use her career as a country music star to support the military community.

“I think it’s something that we’re going to do in the future,” she said. “Being a military wife, I definitely want to be more involved in it because it’s something that I deal with daily as well. I definitely want to do something more with different bases and that kind of thing.”

As for that “new normal” she’ll be seeing, RaeLynn feels like she’s not quite there yet.

“I haven’t seen him in a month and I literally feel like it’s been a year. Time is going by very, very slow,” she said. “I haven’t gotten used to that saying ‘new normal’ yet. Right now it just feels like a vacation, it doesn’t feel like now is a ‘new normal.’”

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