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OK, so we are on a really tight budget but want to make Halloween fun and creative for our children. We are going to take them to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins, but how can we decorate the pumpkins on a dime (so to speak)?

Well….I am sure we all  understand what it is like to be on a tight budget.  However, I am sure we all still want to have fun with the kiddos on Halloween.  So, here are some suggestions on how to decorate your pumpkins with things found around your home.

1.       Use finger paint and make them to come alive as fish.


2.       Cut shapes out of paper, tape the shapes on the pumpkins and have the kiddos paint the shapes on the pumpkins.  You can also hallow out the pumpkin and turn their decorated pumpkin into a flower holder or cooler for your Halloween party.


3.        Print out shapes that look like windows/doors/trees & then create a scary house.


4.       If you have ribbon around your home use the ribbon to decorate the pumpkins.


5.       Turn your pumpkins into mummies with gauze; you can paint black eyes peeking out of the gauze.  


6.       Take old candles and melt the wax in bowls, poor the wax over the top of the pumpkins to make a rainbow or 3-D fun. (Adults please do this not the kiddos.)


7.       Paint the pumpkins white and let the kiddos make designs on the pumpkins with glitter.  Then use ribbon to create a cute bow Bobbi Stick Pumpkinaround the pumpkin top.  


8.        If you have small pumpkins you can paint them green with tan wax or paint drizzling down the top of the pumpkin.  Put a stick coming out of the top and now you have a Carmel apple.


9.       If you are having a Halloween party-make fruit sticks and stick them in the pumpkin, your guests can grab them out and eat.  Paint the pumpkin fun colors to add character.


10.   Hallow the pumpkin out then take metal cookie cutters and with a hammer gently hammer it into the pumpkin (hammer it through).  Then take the shapes and have the kiddos paint them, use super glue and glue them onto the pumpkin for 3-D fun. (Adults please do this not the kiddos.) 


11.   If you have buttons in your home let the kiddos glue them all over the pumpkin. 


12.   Go outside and let the kiddos gather leaves of all colors.  Then let them glue the leaves all over the pumpkin.


13.   Do you love Candy Corn? Are you going to give the trick-or-treaters bags of Candy Corn? Paint your pumpkins like Candy Corn-your home could be a Candy Corn theme.

14.   Is it cold where you live? Paint your pumpkins (large, medium and small) all white.  Then take your unused or older snow hats and glue them on the top of the large pumpkins, then paint faces on them.  Place the medium and small pumpkins around them to create snow fun.


15.   How about funny faces? Make your pumpkins looks as silly as you can.


No matter what way you choose to decorate your pumpkins you do not need to spend a ton of money.  Just use what you have around your home.  If you have to go out for supplies visit the local dollar store or thrift store, remember your pumpkins should be whatever you want them to be.  Have fun, take pictures and enjoy this time with your family. 

Do you have pumpkin decorating ideas? Share them in the comments section below. J


Happy Pumpkin Decorating Everyone!


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