How did you get married? 

As a military couple, there’s often a unique array of nuptials. Because you’re on the military’s schedule, you don’t always get the ceremony or the timeline you’d want for a wedding. That doesn’t make military weddings any less special, however, in fact, it makes them MORE special! 

Because they’re based on the desire to want to be wed to the one you love … without wasting another second, military weddings are some of the sweetest, most memorable days of our lives. 

My husband and I were married after five months of dating. We went to an outdoor venue (owned by my aunt). It was booked that evening for a rehearsal, so we slated our ceremony for 4:30 in the afternoon. I invited two witnesses, and he got two. Wham bam, MARRIED!!

We took a few phone pics and left for the local pool hall. We ordered pitchers of beer, played pool, and let all the local day-drinkers stare and wonder why this chick was in a wedding dress on a Friday afternoon. The bartender even picked up our tab.

Was it ratchet? Yes. Was it perfect? Also yes. I didn’t want a wedding … I’d never wanted a wedding. I wanted a marriage. Today, I still look back and laugh at the looks we got, and the questions. But it was no one else’s big day. It was ours and we did it just like we wanted. In fact, I encourage more people to bypass the big hoopla of wedding planning and just skip right to the good part. 

That was almost five years ago, and we’re still living the good life with one another to this day. 

What about your wedding day bliss? Was it fancy and well-planned? Held at a courthouse? Did you date for years? Months? How long as the transaction held up?