Do you get into a winter funk?

It’s getting to be that time of year where everything is dreary and the days are cold … or just blah. Sure, it’s been that way for a few months, but at first the change was ok. It was different and we were ok with it. But now? Now we’re bored and tired of being stuck inside and we’re ready for a change all over again! (Can anyone say sunshine?!)

Depending on where you live, these weather changes could last and last, or they could ease shortly. If you’re in a climate of the former, it’s likely you better know how to deal with winter doldrums, too. Also known as “cabin fever,” this is the time of year where we get creative with our activities.

Start with social media. Check our Facebook events tabs for things taking place near you. What are you into? Do you have kids? What do they like? Search terms or categories and find things to do. Some of them might even be outside, but it’s ok to bundle up every once in a while!

Of course, it’s also prime time for streaming (hello Disney+.) While I hate being a couch potato, this is also the time of year I can get caught up on DIY projects, deep cleaning, or organizing the house. Come summer, TV time is basically nonexistent in our house, so I don’t feel bad about having it run in the background for a few hours each day.

Sign up for subscription boxes for activities of all categories that come straight to your door. (You can pause subscriptions for once the nicer weather hits too!)

Don’t forget local hotspots like the public library, museums, coffee shops, new restaurants, etc. Make a list of all the places you’ve “been wanting to try” and actually try them! I also like to check out mailer coupons for deals on places we otherwise wouldn’t have gone.

Meanwhile, Google is your BFF when it comes to lists of activities, restaurants, art studios, theaters, etc. If it interests you, you can find it online!

Don’t let the longest stretch of winter get you down, get out there and have some fun!

What new activity will you try this winter?