Marie Kondo and minimizing the amount of stuff in your house is all the rage. But sometimes we get rid of things too quickly. Have you ever sold or ditched something only to find a use for it a week later? Sometimes purging saves us the hassle of moving more things, and sometimes it makes us money – if you can successfully navigate the apps and Facebook marketplace. But more often than you may care to admit, purging leaves you with the need to repurchase something similar later on.

But by repurposing items, you can clear up your house from unwanted or unneeded things and keep your spending in check. Here are a few examples:

1. Turn that old wine rack into a towel holder. Roll the guest towels or hand towels and put them in the wine rack you’ve either mounted on the bathroom wall or placed on a shelf.
2. Take the old cheese grater, give it a good scrub, paint it a fun color, and use it to store and display your earrings.
3. Keep your bent or broken silverware and repurpose them into cabinet and drawer pulls to liven up your kitchen.
4. Keep an old drawer from the cabinets or furniture you’ve replaced, paint it, and use it as a display shelf on the wall.
5. Did your garden hose get damaged in the last move? Add some more holes to it and use it as a sprinkler.
6. Furniture that doesn’t fit in your current house or isn’t being used for its original purpose can be adjusted to fit your current needs. For example, a crib can be made into a desk, or an old dresser into a reading bench.

Now, we all know there is a fine line between repurposing a few things and hoarding. If you have a specific plan for something, and the time to do it, then keep it and do it. But don’t fill your garage or carport with piles of things you’ve purged on the off-chance you need it later. Marie Kondo, nor I, would approve of that.

So what do you think?