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“Honey, orders are in…we’re moving to Virginia Beach, Virginia.”

Outwardly I show signs of total excitement, but on the inside, I’m battling feelings of:

  • ·         Why does he get to flourish in his career and I don’t?
  • ·         How will I tell my boss I’m moving five states away?
  • ·         Will teleworking even be an option?
  • ·         How will I handle moving, getting the family acclimated to a new community, and a job search?

We all do it…we cheer and then think “What about me?!?!”

I did the move and job search once. It was miserable. I was miserable. I cried and became isolated. I felt like my rise to the top had plateaued and I was forever going to be in the shadow of my spouse, longing to further my own career. Then, I was fortunate to find a company that valued my worth and allowed me to fleet up and stay with the company as we moved. But in 2011 my life changed…I became a mom.

I told my husband I was thinking of starting my own company. I was going to only focus on what I was really good at and work with clients I selected…he didn’t bat an eye. He said it was perfect and he wondered why I didn’t do it earlier. In 2012, I took the plunge. I created a business plan and started talking about my dream. I’ll be honest…I sell nothing proprietary. I decided to do what I do because I love it and quite truthfully, my team is really good at it. As my business grew I learned that I wanted to build a workforce that supported and embraced military spouses and veterans. I long for candidates to share stories in interviews about their military move (or upcoming move) and the flexibility they desire to be present for their children. I’ve also learned that companies love that I have a workforce that promotes and encourages a healthy work/life balance.

I’m frequently asked, “How did you know you could step out and be an entrepreneur?”

My response is always the same: “I tossed around how much proof God has given me that I could be a military spouse and all the traits appeared to be transferable. I’m dedicated to what I’m doing…loyal to a fault at times…driven to the point of exhaustion…been provided growth opportunities through hardships…and love cherishing the sweet moments of victory. I’m not a born entrepreneur…I’m a military spouse who took her strengths and became an entrepreneur.”

Jessica Bertsch

You know what it takes to be a military spouse, and that means you are already well on your way to becoming an entrepreneur. So in case you are sitting questioning whether you can, or whether you should, go for it…Yes…you should!


Jessica Bertsch is a proud Coastie wife and mom of a 2 year old. In her “spare” time she runs Powerhouse Planning, LLC She can be reached at