My name is Danya.  I met my husband on spring break many moons ago in 1995 in South Padre Island, TX and I have been with him ever since.  He has been in the Navy for over twenty years.  He just left for his 6th deployment and we are hoping this will be his LAST cruise.  We have three awesome boys, ages 13, 11, and 8.  I decided it would be fun to keep a diary of sorts in the form of a blog while he is gone.  I hope I can touch many of you with a bit of humor along the way.
A military wife shares her experiences as her three sons prepare for their father's deployment.

February 8th

The struggle is real.  It just hit me this morning.  It hasn’t been too bad as deployment, D-Day, is only three days away.  I am trying to work and every time I turn around, I am reminded that we are about to embark on a long ride.  The tears keep surfacing.

I have three boys.  Although this will be my husband’s 6th deployment, my youngest son has never faced a deployment.  He is having a tough time.  Watching your 8-year-old cry because he doesn’t want his Daddy to leave just plain sucks!  My two older boys, 11 and 13, are just ready for him to leave and get it over with.  They are sick and tired of work ups and just want to say goodbye so they are one step closer to their Tiger Cruise.  They seem so strong.  I wonder if this will truly be the case.  They haven’t faced a deployment since they were 5 and 3.

So that is where I am today.  We shall see how the next few days play out.  The good news is that we have friends coming to town for a few days.  That should help lessen the sting a bit.

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A military wife shares her experiences as her three sons prepare for their father's deployment.

February 11, 2016

Let’s get this party started!

Well, the last couple of days weren’t too bad.  We are so stinkin’ busy with baseball;  it’s crazy.  I have three boys on three different teams.  I am sure you can imagine.  Oh yeah, and the two older boys also umpire.  That is a good thing though.  The next 3 ½ months will fly by as did the past three days.

So tonight was the night.  We went out to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner.  My husband asked our little guy, “Are you going to be okay?”  He quickly replied, “No.” When J asked him what he could do to make it better, B said, “Nothing.”  Perfectly appropriate I suppose.

We came home and hung out in the family room watching Dual Survival until we couldn’t prolong the inevitable any longer.  We drove to the ship to drop J off. Honestly, I felt a sense of relief.  Now that the “party” has started we can look forward to the end.  E, our 13-year-old, was tough as nails although I swear I could see his heart breaking.  G, our 11 year old, is so damn even-keeled.  He didn’t skip a beat.  B, our 8-year-old, was a wreck!  I suspected he would be, but you never know how bad it will hurt until you are there.  When J started to walk down that long dark pier, B just sobbed and cried, “No, please don’t go.”

Our friends flew in this morning, so we will hit the sack now and wake up to breakfast burritos, watch the ship float through the channel and enjoy our friends’ company.

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